7 Small Kitchen Paint Colors Combination, Looks Wider!

Fashionable Small Kitchen in Soft Pastels

Who would have thought that kitchen paint turned out to play an important role in beautifying the kitchen? Not only that, choosing the right small kitchen paint colors combination can create the illusion of a large room. Apart from the color of the kitchen paint on the walls, every detail in the kitchen interior, including … Read more

5 Aesthetic Scandinavian Minimalist Bathroom Inspirations

Blue and White Scandinavian Bathroom

The bathroom design must be carefully designed. Moreover, the bathroom is a personal area for the occupants of the house, so the design applied must also meet elements of comfort and aesthetics. For those of you who are looking for inspiration for a minimalist bathroom, we have Scandinavian-style design ideas that you can apply. A … Read more

7250 Landscaping Designs Review 2023

landscaping design ideas

Ideas4Landscaping is a comprehensive collection of 7250 landscaping designs, ideas and themes and about 300 pages of gardening landscape guides. I’ve just bought the entire package and this is my honest review of the product. I will be covering what I like and dislike. What Is Ideas4Landscaping? The product offers step by step blueprints and … Read more

40+ Latest Minimalist Living Room Paint Color Ideas

pastel colors and navy blue

Beautiful and Artistic Minimalist Color Combination Paint Ideas – As a place to welcome guests, the living room is the first place that other people will see when visiting home. Therefore, the living room is one of the important rooms that must be very carefully considered. Not only that, comfort and tranquility are also very … Read more

Latest 50+ Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas 2023

living room decorating ideas

One part that is vital enough or its existence must exist in a house is the living room. The most reasonable and special place to receive guests, which is usually designed for the convenience of guests, can also maintain the privacy of other interior spaces in the house. The living room other than as a … Read more

25 Best Small Living Room Ideas in 2023 for Maximum Space and Style

small living room ideas

If you have a small living room, there are still plenty of ways to make it look stylish and functional. Here are some ideas: 1.Use multipurpose furniture: Look for furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes, such as a storage ottoman that can also be used as a coffee table, or a sofa bed that … Read more

5 Cool Modern Home Design Ideas with Exposed Brick

Exposed Brick with White Paint Combination

Brick is one of the favorite materials that is often used as a material for making house walls. Having good resistance, you can now build a modern exposed brick house to create a cooler, more charming appearance. Still can’t imagine what the model of a house looks like by applying exposed bricks? Next, we will … Read more

8 Aesthetic Bathroom Inspirations that are Easy to Apply

Who likes to linger in the bathroom the most, here? For some people, nothing is more relaxing than spending time lingering in the bathroom. In fact, the best ideas or inspiration often come while in the bathroom. Hence, it is not surprising that aesthetic bathrooms are often presented at home. Read also:5 Bright Kitchen Paint … Read more