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10 Fun Mini Bar Designs That Can Make You Happier!

The kitchen is one of the most essential facilities that must be in a dwelling. The kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but it can also be a place to gather and chat as a dining room or a room to entertain guests. The unification of the kitchen and dining room is usually applied in the form of a kitchen mini bar.

Its function that tends to be used as a social place makes the design of a kitchen mini bar attractive. Here is a reference for 10 fun kitchen mini bar designs that can make you happier!

1. Whatever the style, maximize the lighting in the kitchen mini bar

kitchen mini bar lighting

Ideally, maximum lighting is needed in a kitchen so that you can be more observant during the cooking process, from sorting ingredients, processing dishes, to adjusting the presentation. Feel free to add more lighting to a kitchen mini bar even though there is also a dining area in it.

If you pay attention, usually restaurants have maximum lighting, right? Natural lighting and artificial lighting from optimal lights in the kitchen mini bar can also steal the attention of residents or visiting guests, you know. Bonus, good lighting makes your kitchen mini bar instagramable !

2. Take a peek at the hits of the industrial style kitchen mini bar

industrial style kitchen mini barĀ 

Industrial style in the world of interior design is becoming quite a trend at this time. Many rooms use a distinctive industrial style, from offices to coffee shops.

If you don’t want to miss the trend, you can copy the style of this industrial living room to apply it to your kitchen mini bar ! Check things that are identical to industrial-style styles, such as wooden tables with simple finishes , hollow steel frames, and various metal decorations.

3. Mini Bar Kitchen Ala Farmhouse, Why Not?

Mini Bar Kitchen Ala Farmhouse

If you want a minimalist kitchen mini bar design style that is attractive and feels like you are on vacation when using it, you can imitate this farmhouse style kitchen mini bar.

The distinctive pieces of wood and the selection of the right colors such as pale green and brown wood give off a cool farmhouse impression. The details of a farmhouse- style kitchen mini bar can make you feel at home there, you know.

4. Use One Of The Furniture That Is The Center Of Attention!

kitchen mini bar furniture

You don’t need to be confused about how to make a kitchen mini bar look unique and fun, because just one kind of furniture or decoration can steal the attention and reflect the character of the space, you know. Just take a peek at one of these kitchen mini bar designs.

The design is simple and modern, which is what many people like. However, a transparent bar stool or bar stool with a chic shape can be the center of attention that is not boring!

5. Match the tiles used in the mini bar kitchen

mini bar kitchen tiles ideas

If you use the backsplash on the kitchen mini bar, you can match the tiles used on the bar counter! Choose a plain color if you want to use lots of tiles so that it doesn’t seem too overwhelming.

In addition to making these two components look good together, basically the backsplash and bar table both need materials that are easy to clean, so you don’t need to be afraid to use the kitchen mini bar for fun with family or friends.

6. Emulate Art Deco Style for an Elegant Kitchen Mini Bar

Elegant Kitchen Mini Bar

If you are happy with old school-style interiors but still elegant, part of retro, art deco design is the right choice. Art deco is a style that had become a big trend in the design world before the advent of modern styles in this world.

Even though art deco is an old style, art deco is always the right choice if you want an elegant design. You can apply the art deco style to furniture ranging from chairs, bar tables, kitchen cabinets, to water taps.

7. Walls in Kitchen Mini Bar as Chalkboard

Kitchen Mini Bar as Chalkboard

If you like to explore many things, come up with ideas while having breakfast, or just write a variety of recipes, just paint one side of the wall on the kitchen mini bar with black paint which is suitable for a chalkboard.

Make sure the walls are painted flat, yes. Don’t forget to also prepare colorful chalk. Even though it’s only as simple as a wall, these decorations can make your kitchen mini bar even more exciting!

8. One Color Highlights You Like as the Dominant Color in the Kitchen Mini Bar !

Kitchen Mini Bar highlights color

If you are confused about choosing the right home interior style, or you already have a kitchen mini bar before, you can change the atmosphere by coloring most of the kitchen mini bar parts with one of your favorite colors.

The color used for the highlights can be as you like, you know. Neon yellow, dark blue or even Tosca? No problem! Color it with the color of your choice from the lower cabinet to the leg of the bar table.

9. Patterned Kitchen Ceramics for a More Cheerful Kitchen Mini Bar

Kitchen Mini Bar with ceramic motif

If you want to try to explore more ceramic kitchen motifs, you can choose tiles with various motifs, from geometric patterns to organic ones. Just apply it to the backsplash so it doesn’t seem excessive. Pair with other furniture. Your kitchen mini bar will be even more cheerful!

10. Pastel Color Kitchen Mini Bar

Pastel Color Kitchen Mini Bar

If you want to build a feminine and contemporary mini bar kitchen atmosphere , just try mixing pastel and neon colors. Pastel green and neon pink are usually the preferred choices for many people. Feel free to use other color combinations , for example pastel blue with neon yellow.

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