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10 Simple Home Designs Inspiration to Look Charming

After a tired day of activities, there is nothing more pleasant than feeling relieved when you get home to rest. No matter how simple your simple home is, a homey feeling can give you incomparable soul peace.

Regardless of the size of the house owned, we understands very well how important the right design for each house, including simple homes for you millennials or who just have their own homes. With the right design and tips, a simple home can also have the right feel and value for its residents.

Do not let you design or neglect to pay attention to small things that can make your simple home more charming. Enough with these 10 tips, you can juggle every corner of your house to be extra comfortable and fun. Ready to decorate a house with us? Let’s look at The following 10 simple home designs.

1.Pile Free Furniture Surface

simple home designs

Look around your humble home. Are there a lot of piles of paper or solid household accessories that are starting to dust? Many spend a lot of energy decorating simple homes. Yet with a design that is free of stacks of goods, your simple home can be seen more spacious, free and comfortable.

Therefore, clean the entire surface of the furniture and floor from knick-knacks that are too dense. Instead, focus on the simplicity and minimalism that shines in a clean and relaxing space to live in.

2.Choose a Cool Basic Neutral Theme

Contemporary kitchen island with an extended breakfast nook

For simple homeowners, you are strongly encouraged to choose a minimalist interior theme that is warm and also minimal maintenance. The basic rule in a simple minimalist-themed home design is the selection of basic colors for each room. Choose a neutral color that’s calm, like white, cream, gray or other neutral gradations.

Why is this done? The neutral base color can inspire tranquility that is not boring. If you want to be creative with color, set the main focus on some solid or light colored furniture for beautiful artistic contrast.

3.Choose Quality, Not Quantity

quality mattress for the bedroom

The challenge to create a charming, modest home is to find the aesthetic value of only a few existing furniture. This can be a tough task because you have to be extra selective in choosing furniture for your simple home designs interior.

But don’t worry, one of the basic rules in creating a stunningly simple home design is to choose quality furniture that is worth investing in. For example, choosing a quality mattress for the bedroom.

So, you no longer carelessly buy furniture, consider long enough from all the choices of quality furniture available. The result? Your modest home can look luxurious and quality too.

4.Keeping the Flow of the Room with a Neat Setting

organize regularly one furniture with another

Do you want your modest home to still look attractive and beautiful? Prioritize room design with good flow. The trick is to organize regularly between one furniture with another.

Simple houses should also be cleaned regularly, so set aside a little time to maintain the beauty of your simple home. By creating a neat arrangement of lighting, we believes you can have a simple home designs that is still attractive and attractive at all times.

5.Play on Textures in Room Design

simple home designs interior

Avoiding the impression of boring home simple is actually not difficult. Many are worried because the simplicity of a blend of colors such as white and gray will feel very cold and too common. To overcome this problem in a simple home designs, you just play on the textures that are in each element of the room.

One example seen in the bedroom in the inspiration above is the play of textures on wrinkled bed linen , slippery floor surfaces, and the selection of wallpaper walls with a slightly rough texture. On the left and right side walls, wall surfaces can be added to the wall decoration for a different texture touch.

6.Don’t Forget to Look for Dependable Storage

simple home designs

Simple houses still need adequate storage. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to look for a beautiful, attractive and stylish cabinet. Because it is in the form of loose furniture, you have the freedom to choose according to taste as long as the placement of the cabinet in your modest home will not be too colliding with the overall theme.

7.Choose the Right Room Lighting

simple home designs

Proper lighting will give effect to a wider and brighter room, both from the installation of lights or the position of a simple home window. The mood of a simple householder will also immediately feel more relaxed and relaxed with well-planned lighting arrangements.

One of the tips is to choose a room lamp with a modern design. In addition, also use the concept of lighting in layers, both with ceiling lights, the addition of table lamps, to the decoration of wall lamps that can increase the brightness of the room well for your simple home activities.

8.Decorative Mirror or Hanging Lamp for a Stylish Simple Home Designs

simple home designs

Want to add to the liveliness of a simple home without too much? Simply select a mirror or chandelier that has the maximum effect. With a little touch of this decoration, the room can feel more luxurious and stylish instantly.

In addition, the mirror also has the effect of making the room more spacious thanks to the reflection of light rays that enter your modest room. The chandelier also has an artistic accent that sticks out in the middle of a simple house without feeling too dominating the whole room.

9.Art Gallery for a Simple Home Full of Meaning

Art Gallery for a Simple Home Full of Meaning

Simple houses can still have an artistic style of art by placing some canvas posters or decorating beautiful photo frames. Choose according to taste and do a simple arrangement. Also choose works of art that reflect the character of the inhabitants of the house so that the simple identity of the house is stronger.

If you don’t want to be bothered with a lot of wall paintings, you can also choose a large, solid painting with a character for a neat, simple home look.

10.Bathroom for Art & Creativity Exploration

Bathroom for Art and Creativity Exploration

The bathroom is one room that should not be missed from the maximum design. Even though the house is simple, don’t miss the special design of an attractive bathroom with extra extra storage, wallpaper or beautiful bathroom accessories.

This can give a different impression from other rooms in the house. In addition, guests who are visiting will surely feel the sensation and extra attention devoted to creating a bathroom that has high art and taste.

How, actually, it’s not difficult to create a charming, simple home designs? Using the right furniture and arrangement, everything is easy, right?

No need for complicated arrangement, laying the right furniture and a simple home designs can still bring a homey feel that is comfortable and still charming. This way also makes you feel at home for long. Rest becomes calmer!

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