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12 Genius Wooden Stair Designs You’ve Never Seen

A house with a modern style is synonymous with a combination of simple designs with a futuristic impression. Not only can it be seen in the decorative ornaments and furnishings, the simple and futuristic impression of a modern house can also be seen in building elements, namely the design of the roof, ceiling , and even the connecting floors such as stairs of various materials.

For example, a wooden ladder. Wooden stairs can be an interesting option to complement a modern home design. Want to know what wooden stair designs are right for a modern home? Come have a look together!

1.Storage space under the multifunctional wooden stairs

multifunctional wooden stairs

Need more storage space at home? This wooden ladder design is ready to answer your needs. The bottom of the steps is used as a cupboard under the stairs for versatile storage.

At first glance, this wooden staircase even looks like a row of storage cabinets arranged according to height. Because of its unique shape, the cabinets on this staircase are made of custom cabinets so they can blend harmoniously. How unique!

2.Wooden Stairs with a Futuristic Floating Impression

Wooden Stairs with a Futuristic Floating Impression

This wooden staircase design looks very modern. The steps are made as if without a frame and appear to be floating.

The end of each wooden staircase is made without sharp angles so that it seems flexible. The absence of handrails on the lower steps adds a modern impression. The wooden handrail is only installed on the side of the top row of stairs.

3.Elegant Design of Hanging Wooden Stairs

Hanging Wooden Stairs

This wooden ladder is no less cool to be applied in a modern home. The open and simple impression can be seen from the design of this wooden staircase. This can be seen from the absence of handrails and risers in the staircase design. Riser is a vertical part that connects one rung to another rung above or below it.

Unlike the previous wooden staircase design which did not touch the wall at all, this wooden ladder is made close to the wall on one side.

One side of the steps seemed to be embedded into the wall, while the other side was connected by a long iron material which was connected to the ceiling. Apart from being a decorative ornament, this iron material also serves as a safety, replacing the function of the handrail .

4.Modern Industrial Buildings Wooden Stair

Modern Industrial Buildings wooden stair

The simplicity of the modern house sometimes adopts an industrial concept with its unfinished ornaments . For example, on this one wooden staircase design.

Wooden steps combined with steel material are attached to the wall whose surface is deliberately left to look like only smooth plaster. The steel and wood materials are made to stand out.

Wood is left in its original color while steel is given a striking color. This wooden ladder design deliberately does not use a handrail. There are only a few iron ornaments embedded in the walls that can be used as holding places.

5.Curved Wooden Stairs Combine with Modern Glass Handrails

Curved Wooden Stairs

This wooden staircase design is curved to resemble a spiral with a wooden impression that feels very thick. The riser on the steps is closed so that this wooden ladder looks solid and compact. While on the handrail or railing of stairs , this design uses a mixture of wood material with clear glass.

This wooden staircase handrail is only placed on the outer side of the arch. All wood materials on the steps and handrails are left like the original color of the wood with a smooth surface.

6.Open Riser Curved Wooden Ladder

Open Riser Curved Wooden Ladder

Almost the same as the previous design, this open riser wooden ladder is also curved. The steps are supported by a frame made of concrete. To accentuate the wood material on the steps, the concrete support frame is given a neutral plain color.

While the handrail on the wooden ladder design is made of iron. The handrail design is also made simple and is only located on one side of the wooden staircase. The combination of stair and handrail designs on this wooden staircase gives an open impression so it is suitable for complementing modern home designs that want to highlight a broad and simple impression.

7.Few Available Stairs? Do not worry!

small wooden staircase design

Currently, many modern houses are built on a limited area of ​​land. As a result, for a multi-storey house design, there is only a small opening area that connects one floor to another.

Many feel that they are not free to explore the design of the stairs. Make no mistake! This wooden staircase design is still cool, even though it only occupies a narrow area.

This wooden staircase design is made simple. The narrow opening area makes the steps winding to adjust the width and height of the staircase area.

So that the slope of the ladder is not too steep, this wooden ladder is designed without borders or a flat area in the corner where the steps are turned. In addition, so as not to look increasingly narrow, this wooden ladder is designed without railings.

8.Sweet blend Wooden Ladder with Handrail Iron and Glass

Wooden Ladder with Handrail Iron

This wooden ladder is made with open riser models . The support frame for the steps, aka the ladder, is only in the form of a beam which is placed at the center point of the bottom of the steps. Meanwhile, this wooden staircase railing design uses a combination of iron, clear glass, and wood.

The iron material is given a plain dark color and functions as a railing frame . Glass material is used in the baluster, aka the body of the stair railing . While wood material is used to coat the iron frame on the handrail . The combination of the three materials in this wooden staircase design looks neat and modern.

9.Unique Trippy Wooden Ladder

Unique Trippy Wooden Ladder

Wooden stairs in a modern house do not always have to look rigid with a symmetrical ornamental pattern. For example, the design of this wooden staircase.

The wooden ornament pattern on the right and left of the stairs makes this wooden ladder unique. The visual effect produced from the ornaments on the wooden staircase design resembles a hallucination effect.

10.It looks more modern with side lighting

wooden stair with side lighting

In this staircase design, the steps made of wood are painted plain white. Each rung is embedded into the wall separately from each other. While the railing in the wooden staircase design is made of clear glass, making it look very contemporary. Plus there is also a lighting effect on the side of the stairs attached to the wall.

11.Hidden Lighting on Wooden Steps

Hidden Lighting on Wooden stair

This wooden ladder design is also very suitable to be applied in modern home designs. The simple form of the stairs plus hidden lighting on each step gives a very stylish impression. A wooden handrail also complements this ladder. The handrail design is simple, only in the form of a straight line ornament embedded in the wall.

12.Modern Wooden Staircase with Zigzag Design

Modern Wooden Staircase with Zigzag Design

This wooden staircase with an open riser model also looks unique and contemporary. Each rung was embedded in the wall on one side while on the other side connected by iron posts that connected to the ceiling. What makes this wooden ladder design unique is that the steps are made in alternating positions for the right and left footrests.

How about you, interested in adopting one of the wooden staircase designs above for your modern home? From that inspiration, which one is your favorite?




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