Elegant home curtains

20 Attractive Home Curtains Ideas for Every Room

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6. Elegant home curtains

Elegant home curtains

Thin curtains of this house actually look just the same as curtains in general. The color is often found in many homes. However, this curtain binding technique that forms an arch makes it look more elegant, natural, and classy.

7. Black sheer home curtain

Black sheer home curtain

In general, sheer curtain is white and combined with thicker curtains. But for the family room which is located in the middle of the house and is not visible from the outside, you can simply use a black sheer curtain . The amount of sunlight that enters the family room through this sheer curtain will feel even fainter while creating privacy for your family.

8. White sheer home Curtain

White sheer home Curtain

For rooms that do not require privacy such as a reading room, you can simply use a white sheer curtain as home curtains. This white sheer curtain you can use when the sun is too bright so your eyes feel more comfortable when you want to read a collection of books.

9. Home curtains with motifs

Home curtains with motifs

Sheer curtain turns out there also have motives, for example just like the motifs of these lines. The function of the striped sheer curtain is still the same as the other sheer curtain that is letting the sun into the room without having to sacrifice the privacy of its inhabitants because people from outside the house will find it difficult to see inside.

10. Home curtains with 2 sheer curtains

Home curtains with 2 sheer curtains

The use of home curtains with 2 sheer curtains of different colors will create a soft impression. The color combination in the window curtain model can be adjusted to the color of the furniture in the room. For example like the interior above which uses white and brown sheer curtains. It is suitable to be used to decorate a window overlooking the back garden.

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