Month: November 2019

Impressed Cool and Clean, Peek 5 Scandinavian House Designs

The living room of a Scandinavian home

Scandinavian homes are synonymous with simplicity, white, and natural materials. This makes Scandinavian design principles suitable for application in dwelling. Because the house will feel cooler and cleaner, even though the environment around is less conducive. Need inspiration for new dwellings or renovations of dwellings that are now occupied? Consider the following inspiration first. Scandinavian …

6 Modern Minimalist Home Interior Design Inspiration, Look Comfortable and Nice

Modern minimalist home interior all in white

Modern minimalist home interior design is still popular today, especially for homes with limited land. Identical to the use of furniture and simple decoration, the room looks more spacious, but still unsightly and comfortable to inhabit. Instead of being curious, it’s better to look at various inspirations of the following minimalist modern home interior designs …