60+ Best Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

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Decoration in the living room is very important to pamper the eyes of the guests and residents of the house. One of the most noteworthy parts in decoration is decoration placed on the walls of a room. Of course, you definitely need a variety of decorative ideas that you can use, right? The following are some kinds of living room wall decor ideas for you:

1. Wooden Shelf and Motivation Words

Wooden Shelf and Motivation Words

This white painted living room adopts rustic decor by placing a single wooden shelf on the wall which is given a few trinkets. Motivational words with wooden frames also beautify the room.

2. Sea and Glass Decoration

Sea and Glass Decoration

The white living room is able to present a simple but elegant impression from the wall hangings.

Glass, and sea animals such as starfish, shells, which are given wooden frames in a rectangular shape.

3. Wall Shelf and Photographs

Wall Shelf and Photographs

Placing photos or paintings in the living room is common. It will feel special if the photos are arranged together with a few paintings and small trinkets on a wooden shelf on the living room wall decor.

4. Clock, Wall Pot, and Aphorisms

Clock, Wall Pot, and Aphorisms

The rustic theme has become a favorite to beautify a minimalist room. Although only wearing minimalist wall hangings, but the living room is still charming. Unique wall clock between two funnel-shaped flower pots, and there are pearls of wisdom on the next wall.

5. Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Placing abstract paintings with a large size can also beautify your living room.

6. Photos Attached

Photos Attached

Placing photos on the living room wall is common. What is unique and unusual is to place it by simply sticking to the wall randomly. Photos are also small photos. Unique but still beautiful.

7. Glass and decoration above the fireplace

Glass and decoration above the fireplace

A living room with a fireplace is usually suitable for homes in cold or mountainous areas. To beautify it, you can put a few small decorations on the fireplace. And the sun-framed glass on the upper wall.

8. Gold-framed Painting

Gold-framed Painting

The living room painted in brown earth walls chose simple but luxurious decoration.

Abstract paintings with charming golden frames.

9. Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are also a great alternative to beautifying your living room. Like the following flower wall stickers. Sweet is not it?

10. Wood Panels and Photographs

Wood Panels and Photographs

Showing photos in a small frame will be sweeter if it is attached to a wooden panel on the wall.

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