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60+ Best Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

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11. Unique Wall Lights

Unique Wall Lights

The painting on the wall of the living room will be prettier with dim lighting from a unique wall lamp attached to the surroundings. The living room also feels warmer.

12. African Theme Wall Decoration

African Theme Wall Decoration

This wooden floored living room is increasingly beautiful with African-themed wall hangings.

13. Photo Collage

Photo Collage

The living room wall decoration model is indeed simple, in the form of a photo collage that is hung hanging on the wall. Even so, neat arrangement makes it look sweet.

14. Rectangular Glass

Rectangular Glass

The living room that is placed on the outside of this house has a very minimalist wall decoration, which is a wide rectangular shaped glass.

15. Japanese Bamboo Painting

Japanese Bamboo Painting

If you adopt a Japanese style living room, don’t forget to put Japanese bamboo paintings like this on the wall. The bigger the size, the more beautiful the appearance.

16. Silver Frame Glass

Silver Frame Glass

This silver-framed glass wall ornament with sculpted edges is perfect to place on the fireplace in your minimalist living room.

17. Circle Candle Holder

Circle Candle Holder

This living room has a simple wall decoration, which is a candle holder in the form of interlocked circles.

18. Gold Circle-framed Glass

Gold Circle-framed Glass

Flanked by a painting in a small, small rectangular frame, this round gold-framed glass looks increasingly magnificent on the living room wall.

19. Artistic Wood Decoration


Artistic Wood Decoration  

This artistic ornament made of wood has a large size. Make the living room walls look more charming.

20. Embossed Glass Panels and Wall Stickers

Embossed Glass Panels and Wall Stickers

The living room which is also a family room has a beautiful wall decoration. Embossed wall stickers combined with inverted right triangle glass panels.

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