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Minimalist Cafe Kitchen Set Design

The kitchen is a very important place for a home. One that must be in the kitchen is the kitchen set.

Kitchen itself has a function for storing things related to kitchen equipment. For those of you who have a spacious kitchen, of course it’s very easy to choose the kitchen set variant. But for a small kitchen space you can use a minimalist kitchen set.

To design a minimalist kitchen set especially for small kitchen sizes may be a little difficult. The design of the kitchen must be efficient and have covered all the basic functions of the kitchen set.

But now there have been a lot of ideas or designs for those of you who have a small kitchen. That way you can still have a kitchen set even though the kitchen size is quite small.

Minimalist Kitchen Set

The development of kitchen sets is currently quite rapid along with the times. The model and design variations of the kitchen set have also been various.

But for some people do not think too much about the kitchen set design that is too excited and complicated. Often many people choose to implement a kitchen set that has a minimalist design and shape.

This minimalist kitchen set is perfect for those of you who have a small kitchen room area. This is very suitable because this kitchen set does not require a large enough space and can be adjusted for a small kitchen and also the shape of your home kitchen.

Simple Minimalist Aluminum Kitchen Set Design

Minimalist Aluminum Kitchen Set

Here are some other advantages that make many people prefer to use a minimalist kitchen set:

1. More Affordable Prices

The first advantage of using this minimalist design is because of the price or the costs incurred to make it quite affordable.

Maybe you are still wondering how can kitchen sets be made at affordable prices?

Of course the kitchen set will be expensive if you choose a brand that is already large, but now there are models of kitchen sets that are quite cheap.

Cheap minimalist kitchen sets are not necessarily of poor quality.

The making of a minimalist kitchen set only uses a cheaper material price, but the quality of the material is certainly not inferior to a kitchen set with a famous brand that is very expensive.

In addition, the use of more efficient materials also makes the price of this kitchen set more affordable.

2. Comfort

The advantage of using a kitchen set for the next small kitchen is that it can create a sense of comfort both when cooking or from the eye.

By using the kitchen set, your kitchen will look neater, more comfortable and also cleaner because objects and kitchen utensils can be placed in a cupboard so that it looks more organized and comfortable.

3. Efficient

Efficiency is the most necessary thing if you are someone who has a fairly solid daily activities.

Efficiency includes the efficiency of time, place, and energy. Efficiency is also needed in home activities including kitchen activities.

That’s because the kitchen is the center of all activities carried out by every occupant of the house.

To get the efficiency of the kitchen one way is to use a minimalist kitchen set .

By using this kitchen set you can minimize the use of your furniture and kitchen utensils so that you can focus more on putting forward the main functions of the kitchen.

That can make kitchen work more efficient and more spacious kitchen space.

4. Has Aesthetic Value

Aesthetic value is generally seen from how good the design of a thing is. But sometimes aesthetic values ​​can arise in simplicity and also from simple things. This also applies to the minimalist kitchen set.

Using a minimalist and simple kitchen set will create an elegant impression so that it can create an impression of art.

Minimalist kitchen set (minimalist kitchen cabinet) which is small and simple can make the owner easily to maintain the cleanliness and neatness of the kitchen set.

In addition there will not be many items that will pile up such as cooking utensils and kitchen waste. This is what makes the kitchen look more beautiful and beautiful because of the cleanliness and neatness of a well-maintained kitchen set.

5. Reducing Stress

Cooking activities cooking in the kitchen is an activity that involves a variety of tools and cooking ingredients. This certainly makes this part of the kitchen the most vulnerable to slums.

Starting from the rest of the food ingredients that fill the barrels, specks of cooking stains in various places, and also the laundry that is piled up by cooking utensils can certainly make you stressed.

But it can be overcome by using a minimalist kitchen set. With a minimalist and efficient design, making your time to clean and tidy up your kitchen does not require much time and effort.

You also don’t need to go back and forth when washing dishes and dishes. This certainly can reduce you to experience fatigue that makes stress.

Minimalist L Shape Kitchen Set Design

Minimalist Cafe Kitchen Set Design

Minimalist Classic Kitchen Set Design

Things To Look For In Choosing A Minimalist Kitchen Set

Before you decide to make a kitchen set for your small kitchen , there are some things you should think about first.

These include the selection of materials, kitchen set workers, and so on.

Here are some things you should consider if you want to make a kitchen set in your kitchen.

1. Kitchen Area

The first thing you should consider is estimating and calculating the area of ​​your kitchen. This is very important because by calculating the area of ​​your kitchen, you can determine the design of the kitchen as what fits the size of your kitchen.

In addition, by calculating the area of ​​your kitchen you can sort out which things you need and don’t need on your kitchen set.

For small kitchens, of course you should prioritize the main kitchen set.

These include the upper cabinet such as a place for cutlery and other small appliances, the bottom cabinet is a place to put cooking utensils such as a frying pan, a pan, and others.

By making these measurements will make the kitchen set that will be made will match your kitchen.

2. Basic Materials

In making kitchen sets there are a lot of materials that can be used to make kitchen sets.

Among these materials are block board, MDF, and also multiplex. In general, materials that are often used are multiplex materials because they are durable and strong.

Materials can also use materials such as teak wood, but the costs must also be greater.

3. Finishing Materials

One of the important processes in making a kitchen set is the finishing process. This finishing process is the process of making the kitchen set look more beautiful.

Also in the finishing process is usually given a protective material on the material so that the kitchen can be durable and avoid damage. Some of the finishing materials are melamic, deco sheet, duco, and also HPL.

Melamic is a liquid for coating the outside of kitchen set furniture. How to use melamic is enough to spray melamic liquid on the furniture.

To keep this melamic working properly is to prevent furniture from getting wet and must also be cleaned frequently so as not to trigger mold growth on furniture.

Deco sheet is a tool for coating furniture which is done by sticking it. This deco sheet has elastic and thin material along with motifs such as wood veins.

The use of deco sheet is most suitable for use in kitchens where the intensity of its use is quite rare to process dishes with heavy types. This material is suitable for coating the top cabinet.

High pressure laminate or abbreviated as HPL is a material of thin plastic.

For use and installation is almost the same as deco sheet, only this HPL has a thickness that is more than the deco sheet.

HPL is widely used as a finishing material because this material is very easy to clean and has good resistance to heat and oil.

4. Kitchen Set Design Concepts

The most important thing in making a kitchen is the design of the kitchen set. In choosing this design you must prioritize size and also its benefits first rather than confused choosing a unique and complicated design.

That’s because there are so many unique and complicated kitchen set designs that sometimes can’t accommodate your kitchen activity needs so well.

Therefore, in choosing this design you better take into consideration such as the size of the kitchen area, kitchen use activities, and other crucial things.

Do not let you focus more on the beauty of the design so that when installing the kitchen set it turns out that your kitchen space is not enough. Also adjust the design of the kitchen set with the look of the house to keep it in harmony and sync.

5. Placement of Equipment

Thinking about the place of equipment is also quite important in making an effective kitchen set. For those of you who have a small kitchen area.

You can focus on placing only the essential tools. Meanwhile other less important cooking utensils such as mixers, blenders, dispensers and so on have just been thought of and adjusted according to the size of the kitchen set.

6. Using Expert Install Services

Kitchen set installed in the kitchen space in addition to having the main function as a storage area for various things related to the kitchen can also be one of the properties enhancing the beauty of your home.

Therefore, use experts who are really skilled and trusted so that the installation of kitchen sets can really be installed properly and also has artistic value.

7. See References

Making a kitchen set in your kitchen certainly cannot involve one thing. In making there are roles of several parties such as woodworkers, electricians, and so on.

Therefore the costs used to make this kitchen can also vary according to needs. If you don’t have a picture yet, you can see some kitchen set references for small kitchens .

Minimalist Kitchen Set Design Ideas For Small Kitchens

1. Open Shelf Model

Minimalist Kitchen Set Open Rack Model

The first design idea for a kitchen set for a small kitchen is to use a kitchen set design with open shelves. This kitchen set uses an open wall shelf and is then placed at the top of your kitchen. By utilizing the shape of the open kitchen set shelves can make the appearance and atmosphere of your small kitchen space can be felt and seen more broadly.

Open shelves in the kitchen set for your small kitchen can be used to store a variety of cutlery, cooking utensils, spices, and also other items related to the kitchen. This open shelf kitchen set design is very suitable to be applied to a closed kitchen and also suitable to be applied to those of you who have a kitchen with U-shaped.

2. Model Cabinets without Handles

Minimalist Kitchen Set Model Cabinets Without Handles

Minimalist kitchen set design ideas for the kitchen with the next small size is to use a cabinet with 5 doors. In this minimalist kitchen set design, the door of the cupboard will be made in a very minimalist way, which is enough to provide white color and also the handle on the cabinet will be made as if it is not visible to the eye.

The cupboard handle will usually be placed on the bottom or on the side of the cabinet door. By using the kitchen set design of the cupboard model without a handle, this will create the impression of a kitchen set that looks neat. This model is suitable for those of you who want to have a kitchen set for a small kitchen that looks neat.

3. Open Aperture Model

Open Set Kitchen Model Up

The problem that is often experienced by people who have kitchen space with a small size is that there is often limited space for movement in the kitchen.

But this can be overcome by using a minimalist kitchen set design with a cabin model open to the top.

In installing a kitchen set this model must pay attention to the distance of the cabin and also the roof of the kitchen so as not to hit.

4. Sliding Door Model

Kitchen Set Sliding Door Model

For those of you who have a small kitchen with a high enough space of course you can be tricked by using a kitchen set design model kitchen set with a cabinet door opening up.

But for those of you who have a small kitchen but with a minimum height certainly apply the kitchen set openings to the top, it can’t, therefore the solution you can use is the sliding door model.

In a kitchen set design like this in general, using raw materials derived from glass or clear sand that makes this kitchen set look cleaner and makes it easy for you to find a kitchen tool easily.

For you are using a model of this kitchen must be prepared to be diligent in cleaning and also use a lubricant to the closet door can be moved fairly easily.

5. Small-sized Kitchen

Kitchen Set For Small Size Kitchen

Often for those of you who have a small kitchen will feel free to install a kitchen set. That’s because the kitchen set in general has a size that is large enough to make your kitchen full of small space.

But this can now be overcome because many kitchen set designs have begun to adapt to the small kitchen size.

One solution to this problem is to use furniture or furniture that has multifunctionalities such as wall shelves or commonly called modular kitchen models.

By using this model the size will not make the kitchen wall space full so that the kitchen can still look quite relieved. For the top decoration can also be done to beautify your kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen Set Forms

In addition to the design of the kitchen set, you can also make kitchen sets in various forms. This is of course because you have to adjust the kitchen set with the shape of the kitchen room in your home.

In the development of the kitchen set, now began to appear various forms ranging from the shape of the letter U, letter I, straight lines, and so forth.

The following are various forms of minimalist kitchen sets:

1. Single Line

Single Line Kitchen Set

The form of the first kitchen is a single line form.

Kitchen set with this shape is a kitchen set that is made with a straight line form following the walls of your kitchen.

In general, this single kitchen is applied to apartment houses and also to kitchens that have a fairly small size. The advantage of this kitchen set is that it can save space in your home.

2. Double Line

Double Line Kitchen Set

The next form of kitchen set is a kitchen set with a double line shape.

The shape of the double line kitchen set is like two lines parallel to one part of the kitchen set against the wall or both kitchen sets attached to the wall.

In the form of double lines in general, each cabinet has a different function such as a cabinet for cooking and washing cabinet.

3. L-Shaped Kitchen Set

L-Shaped Kitchen Set

The third form that is usually used for kitchen set models is the L-shaped kitchen set. As the name implies, this kitchen set has a shape similar to the letter L.

This form is a form that is pretty much applied to kitchen sets at this time.

In this form the cooking section and the storage section are placed far apart and between these parts are used as a washing place.

4. U-Shaped Kitchen Set

U-Shaped Kitchen Set

The next form of minimalist kitchen set is the U-shaped kitchen set. As the name suggests, this kitchen has a shape resembling the letter U.

But to note when choosing this form is a kitchen set that requires a lot of space.

U-shaped kitchen set is a form of kitchen set that is quite efficient and can also have a beauty value if it is designed optimally and seriously.

5. G-Shaped Kitchen Set

G-Shaped Kitchen Set

As the name implies kitchen in has a shape like the letter G.

This G-shaped kitchen set has almost the same function and effectiveness when compared to the U-shaped kitchen set, it’s just that when opening the drawer lid on the kitchen set the letter G must be careful if your kitchen space is not too large.

This is to anticipate the occurrence of collisions when opening drawers or kitchen set cabinets.

6. Island Shaped Kitchen Set

Island Shaped Kitchen Set

The last form that can be applied to a kitchen set is an island shaped kitchen set. As the name implies, the shape of the kitchen is like the shape of separate islands.

You can apply this kitchen set if you have a large enough kitchen and your budget is quite large because to implement this form is quite expensive.

Apart from all the forms of kitchen sets that exist today of course the most important is the main function of the kitchen set itself.

Do not until you decide to make a kitchen set based solely on the beauty of the kitchen set design.

In deciding on choosing a kitchen set, you need to consider your needs, the size of your kitchen, and the most important is your budget.

Tips on Caring for a Kitchen Set for a Small Kitchen

Minimalist Furniture Set Kitchen Design

Having a kitchen set would be the desire of almost all housewives.

Apart from its beauty by having a kitchen, it can certainly make the housewife’s work related to the kitchen easier, because having a kitchen set can make kitchen work more efficient and can also be cleaned and tidied easily and quickly.

But not everyone knows how to care for and maintain the kitchen set to always stay durable and always look elegant.

This is important because improper care can make the durability and appearance of your kitchen set become dull and dirty.

The following are some ways to care for your kitchen set so that it stays durable and also lasts longer:

1. Use Materials That Have Dried With High Temperature

Material or material that has been drained in advance has more resistance in the event of shrinkage.

In addition, these materials become more resistant to termites or other wood-eating insects.

Using this material can certainly save you money because it is a durable material so you don’t need to change your kitchen set too often.

2. Keep the Kitchen Clean and Dry

The second tip for keeping the kitchen set strong and durable is to always keep your kitchen clean and keep it dry.

Get used to always throw trash in its place and also wash any kitchen equipment that has just been used. Clean the stains and the rest of the dishes attached to the stove or kitchen set wall.

The condition of a clean and neat kitchen set will certainly make animals such as rats, cockroaches, or termites approaching.

These animals are well-known animals that often enter the kitchen and eat leftovers or leftovers.

If the condition of your kitchen is dirty, the animal will come messing up your kitchen and can even damage some parts of the kitchen set.

3. Maintain Air Circulation

As we know that cooking activities must be related to fire and heat. Therefore maintaining air circulation so that it can run well is important.

The easiest thing to maintain air circulation is to provide ventilation so that air can change. With the maintained air circulation in your kitchen it will make the kitchen set to be more durable for sure.

4. Maintain waterways

Another thing that must be maintained is regarding the flow of water. This water is closely related to the process of washing dishes or other kitchen tools.

You have to make sure the drains in the sink, water tap, plumbing to sewage, etc. must be smooth.

If not, it can have a bad impact on your kitchen such as the inclusion of the smell of sewage water and also animals got into your kitchen.

5. Using Support Tools

This last treatment may be optional. That is because to bring in supporting equipment would require money.

But if you have excess money it’s good to use this support tool to care for your kitchen set. That way your kitchen can be better maintained and maintained.

Having a kitchen set in your kitchen can certainly make your kitchen work more efficiently. What’s more with the minimalist type of kitchen set makes you who have a small kitchen can install it too.

In addition, the price of this kitchen is quite affordable for various groups. But having this kitchen must also be balanced with good care in order to stay durable and strong.

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