Sailor-style Ceramic Bathroom Design

5 Cute and Fun Kids Bathroom Ceramic Design

Toddlers find it difficult to shower. Yes, this problem is no stranger to young parents. Various reasons arise, such as not wanting to take a shower with cold and lazy water. In fact, bathing is an important activity because children under five are still active and like to play everywhere.

Cycling, running, playing with sand, and others actually make it sweaty, dirty, and must be bathed so that germs and bacteria disappear.

One way for children to shower diligently is to have a bathroom tile design that is funny, playful, and friendly for the baby. Ceramics are chosen so that the bathroom walls do not quickly become damp and weathered.

This time, We wants to share inspirations for bathroom ceramic designs that can be used as a reference so that children want to be invited and be diligent in bathing. Let’s look together below.

1. Colorful Bathroom Ceramic Design

Colorful Bathroom Ceramic Design

Mix and match various colors of ceramics in the design of bathroom ceramics can also be a solution so that children are diligent to take a shower. Choose three main colors and one neutral color to balance it.

For example, the three main colors are dark blue, light blue, and orange and white as neutral colors. Install intermittent wall tiles intermittently. Each main color is interspersed with white so it isn’t too tense.

In the sink area , you can put orange tiles around the mirror. To make the bathroom tile design more cheerful, add colorful polka-dot patterned tiles around the mirror and extend it to an empty wall area. Balance it again with the white color on the surface of the sink, bathtub , and toilet .

2. Feminine Industrial Bathroom Ceramic Design

Feminine Industrial Bathroom Ceramic Design

This industrial bathroom ceramic design can be tried. You only need one color of ceramics that you can easily find in building material stores , which is white. Mix the small brick and hexagonal ceramic shapes in your bathroom. Brick tiles are installed on the wall, while hexagonal tiles are on the floor.

So that the bathroom tile design is not too quiet, add a pink sink cabinet. Some iron decorations such as water faucets, curtain hangers , mirror frames , and lamps also reinforce this feminine industrial impression. This bathroom ceramic design is perfect for your super girly child !

3. Sailor-style Ceramic Bathroom Design

Sailor-style Ceramic Bathroom Design

This bathroom ceramic design is very suitable for your child who likes ships and matters relating to the sea. The combination of white and blue hexagonal ceramics able to carry children like bathing in the middle of the sea. The white and blue colors of the bathroom ceramics donuts were installed alternately on the wall. On the floor, blue ceramic is placed in the middle and surrounded by white ceramic.

To further strengthen the atmosphere, try installing decorative anchor lamps with matching colors. Also add a mural painting that depicts a night sky decorated with stars and moon on the bathroom ceiling. Not only that, you also need to install a shower that is not too high so that children can reach it easily.

4.Cartoon Characters Bathroom Ceramic

Cartoon Characters Bathroom CeramicĀ 

Not only atmosphere, cartoon characters are also very popular with children. One of them is the design of this bathroom ceramics. Ceramics are installed in a mosaic pattern in the shape of a rabbit cartoon character named Miffy. This character is installed in the middle of the bathroom. Left and right mounted ceramic to form a pretty much cat character.

The combination of pink and white used to add a feminine impression in the bathroom. Not only that, the pink color used is light pink so that bathing feels more relaxed.

This bathroom ceramic design is also decorated with cute toys on the edge of the bathtub so that children can play while bathing. If a child wants to look in the mirror while taking a bath, he can look back while in the bathtub. That way, children will enjoy in the bath accompanied by their favorite cartoon characters.

5. All-purpose Orange Bathroom Ceramic Design

Orange Bathroom Ceramic Design

Your child is an orange fan? Or a fan of oranges? This bathroom ceramic design is perfect for accompanying him to take a bath. This bathroom floor uses regular orange tiles and is balanced with white tiles on the left. Bathup is decorated with small orange ceramics that have different brightness so that they are more varied.

Like the others, white tiles on the walls were chosen to balance the orange color that dominates the bathroom. In the middle of the wall is also mounted a flower-patterned ceramic. By choosing this bathroom ceramic design, children are more comfortable to linger in the bathroom. You can bathe it without any hassles.

In choosing a bathroom ceramic design, you can invite your child to choose his favorite design. You can also give awards for him because he diligently showered. Hopefully this article helps you choose the right bathroom ceramic design!

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