5 Interior Design Inspiration with Neutral Color

Neutral colors are suitable colors that are combined with other colors and applied to any stylish interior. Therefore this neutral color is often used as the basic color of the room, for example on walls and floors.

If at any time feel bored with the current decoration, you can try new decorations with other colors without having to change the basic color of the room. In addition, neutral colors are timeless and can create a calm impression in a room. For example, like the following 6 interior design inspiration!

1. Neutral color living rooms with colorful decorations

Neutral color living rooms with colorful decorations

The neutral color that most people use is white. This bright color not only fits well with a variety of colors, but can also make the room look wider. For a cheerful impression, use colorful objects as decorations. For example, filling the display rack with books in bright colors and a few tiny plants. Also add sofa cushions with blue and red covers.

2. Neutral black color for an elegant impression

Neutral black color for an elegant impression

If there is a bright neutral color, then there is also a dark neutral color, black. The use of black as a whole will make the room feel cramped and creepy. Fortunately, with a touch of white and gold room decoration , this room has changed into an elegant. The decoration isn’t that great, you just need to focus on the chandelier and pillow case.

3. The monochrome interior uses neutral colors

The monochrome interior uses neutral colors

Are you aware that there are three neutral colors that when combined will become monochrome colors? The neutral colors are black, gray, and white. Black on furniture , gray on walls, and white on ceilings.

To make it look more beautiful, you have to choose decorations with matching colors. Ranging from pillowcases, carpets, photo frames, flower pots , to items displayed on the shelf. Like he was staring at a black and white photo!

4. Neutral interior color with soft nuance

Neutral interior color with soft nuance

The next neutral interior color is dominated by white and brown. The choice of neutral colors makes the interior of the room have a soft feel. The residents are guaranteed to feel very comfortable and relaxed while relaxing here. If you want to add a more modern feel, use indirect lighting that is hidden behind the ceiling . Want to use a dim white or yellow light, it’s just as good.

5. A timeless neutral color

A timeless neutral color

This cool interior design inspiration with the last neutral color is proof that the neutral color is timeless. Brown color is used in traditional and classic style interiors. Although impressed old school, still this color is able to survive in the midst of the times and favored by many people. This neutral color can also be combined with other colors such as plant green, black, white, and even orange.

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