5 Minimalist Home Inspiration, Residential Design in Accordance with Today’s Lifestyle

The best design of a dwelling is a design that follows the character and lifestyle of the owner. The development of the times and technology are influencing changes in the way of life of today’s society. The minimalist lifestyle as a modern lifestyle inspired the five architecture bureaus to produce a residential design as outlined in the inspiration of this minimalist home.

Through this minimalist home inspiration, we invites you to explore residential designs that not only look aesthetic, but also support the needs of the owner, and are able to answer a number of existing problems.

Curious as to what? Come on, just refer to the following minimalist home inspiration!

1. Inset House

inset house

The first minimalist home inspiration was designed directly by the cold hand of Delution Architect. The position of the house facing west becomes the main problem of this residence.

This minimalist home inspiration also uses a facade with secondary skin in the form of wooden lattices as a solution. In addition to successfully dispelling sun exposure, these elements also managed to utilize the potential of natural light as a source of lighting during the day.

inset house

In addition to secondary skin, the front porch of the house designed with the concept of a flying garden is also used as a heat barrier. Because the mass of buildings on the floor is covered by large windows, the beautiful view of the garden of the house on this minimalist home inspiration can be directly enjoyed from inside the room.

inset house

Wood elements are seen wrapping most of the interior in the inspiration of this minimalist home. A touch of Scandinavian style was presented through the choice of furniture. The combination of neutral colors is clearly reflected, blending with the warmth of the wood elements.

2.Mandanila House

Mandanila House

To reduce the noise coming from outside the building while creating privacy – coincidentally inspired by this minimalist house dealing directly with the elementary school building – the Somia Design team decided to protect the surroundings of this minimalist house with a roster fence.

Mandanila House

Roster surrounding the building creates a transition area that functions as a tropical garden. The application of tropical shades is also presented in the interior of this minimalist home inspiration through the freshness of ornamental plants, optimal openings, and harmonious soil color mix.

Mandanila House

This minimalist home inspiration consists of two building masses, the connecting area of ​​the two buildings is used as a relaxing space composed of marble bar tables mounted on windows. The atmosphere of a beautiful tropical garden feels directly in this relaxing space.



Covered by various media, Norhouse is one of the most popular minimalist house inspirations in 2018. Construction of houses that carry the use of lightweight galvalum material is handled directly by the firm Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture.


In this one minimalist house inspiration, the name Norhouse which means ‘light’ is used as a benchmark to perfect the overall design. Not surprisingly, both natural and artificial lighting are optimized to light up every room in this minimalist home inspiration.


On an area of ​​100 m2, this minimalist home inspiration appears complete with various facilities. Although the exterior and interior are predominantly white, the ornaments that emerge from the combination of neutral colors, wood elements, and the lafaz of God also become a distinctive charm for the inspiration of this minimalist home.

4.’S’ House

s house

Simple Projects Architecture applies a simple layout to a minimalist home inspiration located in the elite residential area of ​​Surabaya.

In contrast to the surrounding houses that come with complex interior designs, the concept of simple and efficient spatial planning on minimalist home inspiration is adapted to the lifestyle of the owner who wants to be practical.

Even so the existing land area was quite limited to meet the many space needs of homeowners. This minimalist home inspiration also eliminates most of the room dividers on the ground floor and chose the open plan concept as the solution.

The presence of the park beside the house also gives a new comfort sensation to the inspiration of this minimalist home.

5.Left House

Left House

The name ‘Left House’ is given to the inspiration of this minimalist house because the direction of the building is more leaning to the left. Left House itself is built on an area of ​​98 m2, but comes with a complete set of spaces and various facilities that can accommodate the needs of their owners.

Left House

The compact interior design is applied to the inspiration of this minimalist home is nothing but because most of the owner’s time is spent working at home. Smart furniture is also used so that each room can function as a work area.

Not to forget, the color combination displayed on the inspiration of this minimalist home is based on the personal character of the owner. Although limited in extent, the architect still tucked open space next to the house.

That’s the fifth choice of minimalist home inspiration from us, hopefully can provide new ideas for you in building a dream minimalist home. Who knows, your home will be one of the minimalist home inspirations for many people.

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