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6 Application of Beautiful Color in Scandinavian Design

The gray color and Scandinavian design are inseparable unity. Although still dominated by other neutral colors, the Scandinavian concept is always equipped with gray strokes. The gray color variations that appear in Scandinavian interior designs are very diverse, ranging from shades of gray with an older tone to the youngest.

Not only appears as a building element of the atmosphere of the room as in wall paint and floor coating materials, gray also appears in furniture and decoration elements. But what is the right way to apply gray to Scandinavian interiors?

Let’s look at the six Scandinavian interior designs that carry the color gray as the main element!

1. Blend of gray with black and white

White Scandinavian style decor

Gray is often a transition color in the monochrome interior concept. Its role is to create a balance between the contrast created by two opposing colors such as black and white. There are several ways you can do to insert a gray color in a black and white themed room, namely through the elements of decoration and gradation.

White Scandinavian kitchen

When white dominates the room and black is presented through appliances and furniture, gray can also enrich the variety of textures in the room through feathery carpets, wood strokes on parquet floors , and metal lamp shades. Meanwhile, to create a gradation from the concept of monochrome, a gray color can be applied between the two colors.

2. Fresh impression of Monstera ornamental plants

potted life black and grey bedroom

One of the ornamental plants that characterizes Scandinavian designs is the monstera plant . The green color of the leaves of this plant gives a refreshing impression when placed in an interior dominated by gray, as this Scandinavian-style living room shows.

tropical artwork grey exposed brick

In addition to placing monstera plants in pots, freshness can also be presented through wall decorations in the form of monstera artwork . This trick can also be a strategy to eliminate the gloomy and faded impression in a room that uses gray as its main color. To maintain the fresh impression of this gray interior, make sure the room still gets optimal natural and artificial lighting, yes.

3. Combine with wood texture

wooden floors light wood kitchen

In addition to often using gray as a mainstay or placing ornamental plants, Scandinavian designs also never escape presenting wood elements in the use of the material. The combination of elements between gray, ornamental plants, and wood elements – plus a little natural lighting – can bring a natural atmosphere into the room.

Almost all wood patterns can produce a harmonious combination with a gray color as long as you don’t combine two colors that are too similar. Even so, the actual gray color can also be present through the wood material itself. You can choose furniture finishing and floor coatings with gray wood color.

4. Add an art deco- themed touch

Scandinavian living room hexagonal

Art deco style elements are characterized by geometric shapes and shiny surfaces. Typically, art deco elements are present on the legs of tables or chairs, chandeliers, furniture with gold lines , and decorating accents with metallic accents. Bringing art deco elements in the middle of a room filled with gray can certainly give a touch of different colors with a more artistic theme.

large winding window panel

The room with gray color not only displays Scandinavian concepts that are simple and comfortable, but also appears more daring and dynamic with the touch of art deco. In addition to the art deco- themed space elements , don’t hesitate to bring other design style characteristics into the interior with gray colors, such as metal furniture and industrial-style exposed cement.

5. Use as a coating material

Wooden vanity unit

The easiest way to blend gray in Scandinavian interiors is through coating materials, such as ceramics and natural stones. Besides being able to complete the desired Scandinavian concept, gray can also add a different impression to the room. As seen in this bathroom, the ceramic lining the walls shows a gray accent that gives an elegant impression.

Scandinavian kitchen with plain cabinet

Unlike the gray ceramic applied in the bathroom, these gray square tiles come complete with a metallic composition in the kitchen. That way, the white color and kitchen utensils can blend smoothly, without showing too contrasting color changes.

6. Give a touch of a bolder color

Scandinavian living room multipanelled wooden floor

There is no harm in combining gray with solid colors that are bolder. The Scandinavian interior concept now has also shifted by not only using neutral colors, such as gray as its main color. If you are still in doubt, just apply bright colors to the motifs that appear on the decoration elements.

Of the six gray applications in this Scandinavian interior, which one is your favorite? When applying gray as the color of the room, make sure you choose the right color combination so that it does not eliminate the original feel of the gray color. Good luck!

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