back garden with a terraced hangout

6 Backyard Garden Designs For Limited Land

Having a backyard garden design filled with flowers and greenery is the dream of most residential owners. Dwelling not only looks beautiful, but also has a place of personal relaxation.

For those of you who have limited land, don’t be discouraged. Because the beauty of the backyard garden designs is not determined by the size of the land. But in terms of creativity and the concepts applied.

Although the house has a large or limited backyard, it is also confused how to apply a suitable backyard garden designs. Just take inspiration from the following backyard garden designs!

1.Design the back garden with footpaths

Design the back garden with footpaths

Try to look at the design of your back garden at this time. Is the nuance so boring because there are only grass and bushes? If so, try adding a path for accent decoration while preventing dirty footwear from getting wet.

Adjust the size of the stones with the available land. The coral model for the path in the back garden design can be varied, so you are free to choose the design that you like the most.

2.Large flower pot as a focal point in the back garden design

Large flower pot as a focal point

Rear garden design on limited land does not require much decoration. So, make sure to determine one object that can be a decoration as well as a focal point.

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For example, a large flower container from an old wooden cart. You can use other objects such as buckets, clay pots , barrels, worn luggage, and so on. Plant various types of flowers in the container for the aesthetic appearance of this backyard garden design.

3.Design the back garden with a terraced hangout

back garden with a terraced hangout

Building a multi-storey building is a solution to having enough space on a limited area. This solution can also be applied to the back garden design, you know . Make a place to hang out with a wooden floor. Then place a number of potted green plants around it.

Leave an area in the backyard garden design of yours to erect a ladder leading to the top floor that can be used as a sun area or BBQ party. With this wooden canopy , you can be free from the hot sun while relaxing.

4.Tulips in the back garden design

Tulips in the backyard garden design

A garden must have grass and bushes or trees. Get rid of thoughts like that, because with a flower pot , you can already have a garden.

The back garden design is next decorated with tulip pots attached to the fence. The shape is minimalist and is made using the same material as the fence material . The park looks beautiful and beautiful, even residents of the house can pass comfortably.

5.Presents a soothing waterfall pool

backyard garden designs with waterfall pool

The presence of the water element in the backyard garden design will bring coolness. Adjusting to the size of the land, choose a waterfall pool that is high enough with the volume of water that can be adjusted as needed.

Place in the back garden corner. Decorate around with various trees and bushes. If possible, place your recliner in the shade. Reading a book on a recliner will be more comfortable coupled with the sound of the flow of water and the fragrance of flowers.

6.Design the backyard garden with a unique plant layout

unique plant layout backyard garden designs

Have you ever seen a commercial flower garden whose plants are arranged according to color? Well, you can also make a mini version for the backyard garden design.

Just specify the flowers that you like, then determine the layout. Is it curved or circular or chessboard style? Then experiment a little. For example adding green plants or small statues in the middle.

Proven that limited land is not an obstacle to implementing the back garden design, right? Come on, dig up your creativity based on the inspiration above and create a backyard garden that is able to decorate the house!

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