Cooler with Blue Walls

6 Cool Unique and Eye Pampering Outdoor Paint Colors

The exterior appearance of the house should not be underestimated, you know. Not only from the design or facade, the color of the paint outside the house is also a determinant of people’s views for your residence. To feel more comfortable, look for cool exterior paint colors.

Cool paint colors outside the house not only amaze others. This can also spoil the eyes while making you feel more comfortable spending time in the yard or terrace of the house to just relax and breathe fresh air.

Are you confused about looking for cool exterior paint colors? You can consider several options from Kania below. Not only do they offer cool exterior paint colors, they are also unique and pleasing to the eye!

1.White Is Never Wrong

White paint color

White is the safest choice if you are looking for a cool exterior paint. The white paint color is also easy to mix and match with other colors so you can add terrace decorations more freely. For example, you can add various colored patio chairs to make the cool exterior paint color more attractive.

The advantage of choosing white for other exterior paint is that it gives the impression of being clean and relieved. In order not to be too monotonous, you can add black or brown elements on the door or window frame .

Do you like relaxing on the terrace area while looking at the beautiful colors of the cool exterior paint? Try it, come up with a chairlift that can swing you slowly. One of them, you can use the Stella chairlift from Cass Living which is made of brown rattan so that it will complete the clean white color applied to the house building. Guaranteed you will feel more comfortable to linger on the terrace!

2.Must Try Green Color Paint!

Green Color Paint

Do you find it difficult to paint your house green because it looks less ordinary and too classy, ‚Äč‚Äčespecially when applied outside? Instead, green is one of the best answers for those of you who are looking for cool and unique outdoor paint colors. Choose a green leaf color so that the impression of “shady” will be easier to approach your residence.

3.Cream Colors Make Your Home Calm

Cream Colors

If you want the house to look cool, try to find strong colors with a soft and calm effect. The reason is, calm colors tend to be more soothing and calming. You can choose cream to create a cool and unique exterior paint color.

During the day, the beige color does not reflect too much sunlight so that your house looks more shady. However, you also need additional lighting to highlight this cool exterior paint color at night. Wall lamps are highly recommended because they are more space-saving.

There are many choices of wall lamps that can sweeten the house with cream paint. However, if you want to play it safe, look for a black wall lamp.

Who said black color for wall lamps is too market? Try the lyrics for the Lumi Smoky wall lamp from Lite and Deco. Using a dark glass material as a hood, this minimalist-style lamp is not only capable of being a house light, but also multifunctional as an attractive wall decoration .

4.Cooler with Blue Walls

Cooler with Blue Walls

Have you ever thought about making a cool exterior paint color with blue? Blue is synonymous with a broad and cool impression, like the color of water and a clear sky. Using this color for the outside appearance of the house can also successfully make the atmosphere of your home look cooler and certainly spoil the eyes.

You don’t need to be confused about the blue color gradation because almost all blue colors will not fail to be a cool and cool outdoor paint color!

5.Try Unobtrusive Yellow

Unobtrusive Yellow

Hesitant to choose yellow for the exterior of the house for fear of looking too flashy and giving the impression of “hot”? In fact, yellow can also be a cool exterior paint color, you know!

The trick, look for an unobtrusive yellow, which is a light yellow that leads to pastels. The yellow color itself is close to green, adding green ornamental plants around the house area can make the appearance of yellow as a cool outdoor paint color more obvious. Plus, the yellow color will also make your home look unmarket and unique.

6.Elegant Gray

Elegant Gray

Do you know what color is multifunctional for the house? The answer is gray! Gray can give two impressions at once, namely warm and cool shades. Of course, this color can also be used as a cool outdoor paint color. But on the other hand, the colors that are also often used in this Japanese home model can give a warm and comfortable impression to your home.

So, what is your version of the cool exterior paint color choice? For those of you who like natural concepts, such as tropical, Japanese, or Scandinavian, choosing neutral colors such as white, gray, or brown can really be considered. If you want to experiment more, it won’t hurt to also apply yellow, blue, or green as a cool outdoor paint color.

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