illusion of an eye that attracts attention

6 Fish Pond Design on the Terrace of the Home for Coolness of Residential

Based on the teachings of feng shui, presenting the element of water in the dwelling serves to create coolness and bring fortune to its inhabitants. In addition to putting mirrors in various corners of the room, choosing a fish pond design that is in harmony with feng shui occupancy can be an option for the smooth career and income prospects.

Relaxing on the terrace during the day feels cool and peaceful if the fish pond design is adequate for fish to grow healthy and the sound of water gurgling echoes in the dwelling. Interested in making it? Just take a peek at the six fish pond designs on the porch of the following house.

1.Minimalist semiquarium fish pond design

semiquarium fish pond design

For a minimalist style terrace with limited land, this fish pond design is worth a try. With the concept of the aquarium, the front side is coated in transparent glass makes it easy for guests to admire the fish that swim to and fro.

The fish pond design is integrated with the garden area of ​​the house thanks to the natural elements that are spread around it. Starting from the natural stone around the pond, coral to ornamental plants placed, the fish pond is present as an element of water that supports overall occupancy.

2.Blends with the terrace floor

Blends with the terrace floor

Do not get hung up on the design of fish ponds in general, which focus on rectangular or circular shapes. Occasionally try designs with abstract shapes that blend into the terrace floor and follow the shape of the edges.

Because the surface of the water is parallel to the surface of the floor, add small bushes around the pool to prevent people from slipping. Make sure the fish pond design is equipped with spotlights or other types of lights to illuminate the boundary between the floor and pond.

3.Design a fish pond with a pile of natural stones

fish pond with a pile of natural stones

For a natural impression, you can create a fish pond design by utilizing natural materials as a foundation around the pond. Stacked randomly, build the pool wall into an abstract shape.

As a decoration element, make a mini waterfall at one end of the fish pond design and add aquatic plants such as lotus, chain algae, and lotus that also serves to absorb impurities in the pond.

4.The illusion of an eye that attracts attention

illusion of an eye that attracts attention

Not only paintings can be made with the effect of the illusion of the eye, but also the design of a fish pond. As seen in the inspiration above, the fish pond seems to indicate a gap that lies beneath a partially collapsed terrace floor. This eye illusion is made clear by the irregular end of the terrace floor.

Lighting at the bottom of the pond helps illuminate the contrast between water and terrain. At night, you can still relax looking at the fish that swim thanks to the design of fish ponds that are concerned with this lighting.

5.Hidden fish pond design

Hidden fish pond design

If you want a place to relax where you can not be disturbed, try the hidden fish pond design. Plant bushes around the pond to ‘hide’ the pond from the view of residents or guests.

If you still have extra land, plant a few trees along the path to the fish pond to make it even more hidden. More than just the design of the fish pond itself, the garden layout around the pond needs to be carefully considered so that the selected ornamental plants can bring the impression of calm and peace when you relax in the fish pond area.

6.Fish pond design with wooden deck

Fish pond design with wooden deck

Finally, there is a fish pond design with a wooden deck around it. This wooden deck is equipped with a wooden fence which is useful to ensure the safety of residents or guests while relaxing in the pool area.

The design of the koi pond is also surrounded by rocks that cover the ground surface. If you are draining a pond or rain, it is guaranteed that there will be no soil stains on the wooden deck.

If you have already determined the design of the fish pond to be built, consider also its location. As much as possible choose a place that is not exposed to excessive sunlight to avoid the growth of moss and algae in a short time.


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