Comfortable on the bed form

6 Girls’ Bed Design Enriches Your Child’s Imagination

If you are confused about where to start when filling your daughter’s bedroom, start by determining the design of her bed. Through the choice of girls’ bed designs, the interior themes that you and the little princess want can be clearly demonstrated.

No matter how attractive the girl bed design you choose, make sure the design is flexible so that it is easily accessible and comfortable for your little one.

Some of these girl’s bed designs are ready to fulfill the comfort she needs while stimulating her imagination.

Attractive floor beds

Attractive floor beds

Want to get a toddler girl to sleep alone, but you’re still worried about her safety? Try using a floor bed or floor bed . The underside of a girl’s bed that directly touches the floor makes it even easier for toddlers to reach it.

Explore the headboard of the floor bed to get a more attractive appearance. As in this girl’s bed, the headboard forms the frame of the house with a hanging decoration that makes it look more festive.

Comfortable on the bed form of the house

Comfortable on the bed form

Make sure your child can rest comfortably in his room. Girls’ beds in the shape of this house don’t just attract attention, its unique design also provides more protection and a sense of comfort for your little one.

Plus LED lights that hang on the roof of this bed helped protect your child from the dark at night. In addition, this girl’s bed also appeared in harmony with an open toy rack that also shaped the house.

Tent bed, seemed to live in the open

Tent bed

Apart from the feminine impression shown in other girls’ bedrooms, this bedroom tries to visualize the concept of nature.

Starting from the composition of the selected natural colors, motifs of leaves and deer that appear to the bed of a tent-shaped girl. The use of a girl’s bed that appears strong with a particular theme like this can help develop the imagination of your child.

Scandinavian-style bed

Scandinavian-style bed

If you want a girl’s bed that can be used until she gets older, then this Scandinavian-style bed can be your choice.

The design of this girl’s bed is so simple and classy, ​​it doesn’t look too childish for teenagers or seems too mature for children. This bed is made of wood material so that it can be repainted and refurbished to suit the changing style of the room’s interior.

The colors are very attractive and not too flashy, can be seen on walls and children’s cabinets. As a counterweight, white is also presented on the walls, couches and children’s chairs .

A girl’s bed in the style of a tree house


For a bedroom design that is put together with a playroom , you need to choose a girl’s bed design that is as attractive as the toys in her room. Design a bed in the style of a tree house for example.

Besides completing the playful concept in the room, this girl’s bed can help you lull your little one who is hard to persuade to sleep. Make your child feel rested as fun as playing.

Bunk bed, a place to rest and play

Bunk bed a place to rest and play

Bunk beds are usually used in rooms occupied by two children, with the intention of saving space in the room so that there is an empty space that can be used for play. However, it is different from this one girl’s bed.

The shape does look like a bunk bed , but the top of this girl’s bed is an empty space. Well, this empty space you can make as your child’s play area.

To ensure the safety of your child, at the foot of the bunk bed is mounted railling stairs that can be used as a pedestal. Meanwhile, on the edge of the upper bunk bed guarded by a tightly tied rope net.

Even though you know which girl’s bed design is best for your child, don’t forget to always involve her when choosing, yes. Which of these six girls is his favorite?

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