Window design with trim accents

6 Inspiring Cool Window Designs for Your Favorite Home!

Window in a building is an obligation. Without windows, the room inside the building will become dark and air circulation becomes less smooth. In addition, the window design can also add to the aesthetic value of a building both from inside or outside.

The choice of home window design must also be adjusted to the size of the building and the concept of the house. To make your minimalist home look more beautiful, consider the following 6 inspirational window designs!

1. Square window design with nook

Square window design with nook

The first window design for a minimalist home is suitable for scenery lovers and book lovers. The window design is made plain with a square shape and underneath is a nook . To be more beautiful and functional, use a curtain that is in tune with the room. Then add some sitting cushions so that the time to relax becomes more comfortable. If necessary make a storage rack at the bottom of the nook .

2. Window design with trim accents

Window design with trim accents

There are some people who prefer the window to be left without using a curtain. If you are one of them, then the window design with trim accents is worth a try. Put the trim on the glass to form an irregular frame. So that it does not look monotonous, make rectangular and square shapes in various sizes. Trim lines on this window design can strengthen the concept of a minimalist home .

3. Inward opening window design

Inward opening window design

In general, the design of the window is made with openings to the outside so it does not meet the inside of the house. But for those of you who don’t like the mainstream, just try to design a window with inward openings like this. The part that opens is only the top and is less than 45 degrees, so the amount of wind that goes inside is not excessive. To complete the impression of a minimalist interior , use white color and square-shaped wooden trim.

4. Design the window as well as the wall

Design the window as well as the wall

Design windows and walls? I think this window design is not possible if applied in urban areas because of security aspects. This window and wall design will make activities at home more enjoyable because you can see the natural scenery outside. The use of lights in the morning and afternoon can also be reduced because there is already sunlight.

In some corners there are windows that can be opened for air circulation paths. For those of you who are worried that the inside of the house will be easier to peek on, just use window film or apply this window design on the upper floor that is not easily peered by strangers.

5. Minimalist window design

Minimalist window design

The next minimalist window design further emphasizes the shape of the window by using a thick frame. Minimalist house is identical with monochrome color, so you can combine black window frames to white walls. Not that there are to the side and there are at the top. To dispel sunlight, this window design is suitable to use a roller blind .

6. Small window design

Small window design

The window size should be adjusted to the size of the room. If the room is small, make a small window design too so it doesn’t feel cramped. For example, like the window design in this dining room design . The shape is rectangular in a small size that can be opened by sliding to save space. Place this window on the top wall so that residents more easily see the situation outside the house.

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