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6 Luxury Display Rack Designs, Housing Becomes more Attractive

Do you like to collect antiques, glassware, or various other objects? If so, have you put all your collection items on display or could you just keep them in the cupboard?

Yes, it is not uncommon for people who like to collect to end up confused because they don’t have a place to display them. If that includes you, take it easy because it’s never too late, this is the best time for you to have a display rack .

By using a display rack , you can show off all your collection items so that their existence is not in vain. When there are family or guests who visit your house, they will be able to see your collection and will surely be amazed by its beauty.

However, choosing a display rack model should not be arbitrary because it can affect its overall appearance. So, so that you don’t get confused, here we will give you some inspiration for luxury display rack designs that can make your displays even more charming. Come on, just take a peek together!

1. Multi- storey Wooden Display Rack

multilevel display rack design

First, there is a multilevel display rack design. Actually, the display rack above consists of three shelves , each of which is different in size, then put together to form a level. So, if at any time you feel bored with the unified display rack , just separate the three and place them in another area as you like.

Even though it looks simple at first glance, if you pay more attention to it, this display rack model is very luxurious thanks to its wood material. In addition, this display rack model also allows you to put various types of items on it because it has quite a number of shelves.

2. Minimalist Display Shelf Rack

Minimalist Display Shelf Rack

Who isn’t fascinated by the display rack model above? This display rack is only made of thin wooden planks , including the legs. Thus, the appearance looks very minimalist, moreover, this display rack model is also open.

Even though it is only made of wood planks, this display rack still stands firm because the arrangement supports one another.

You also don’t need to worry about your collection items falling because on the back of this display rack there is a barrier which is also made of wooden planks. Uniquely, you can also make this display rack as a bookshelf , you know. However, still pay attention to the weight, huh!

3. Display Shelf Rack with Glass Doors

Display Shelf Rack with Glass Doors

If the display rack model was previously open, the next one is a closed display rack that uses a glass door . Through this clear glass, you can still see your favorite displays or collectibles. This display rack design is perfect for those of you who collect antiques at fantastic prices so that it is safer, protected and free from dust.

Uniquely, the display rack design above is very versatile because at the bottom there are two drawers that you can use to store various other objects. However, you can also choose a shelf that is entirely a display rack complete with glass doors.

4. Hanging Display Shelf Rack

Hanging Display Shelf Rack

Display shelves do not always have to put various antique displays, but can also be used for other needs, such as jars filled with kitchen spices which are also a decorative element.

Well, for the kitchen, the most suitable display rack model is a hanging display rack . You can attach a hanging display rack to the wall near the stove to make it easier to reach.

If you like to collect plates, beautiful glasses , or other glassware, you can also display them on this hanging display rack . Besides being more practical, hanging display racks are also more space-efficient so they can be used as a solution for those of you who have a small house.

5. Elbow Display Shelf Rack

Elbow Display Shelf Rack

If there is usually a corner shelf, this time there is an angled display rack design on the wall of the room. This display rack model is considered very efficient because it can take advantage of each area without making the room even cramped.

You can make this display rack model yourself , where you only need to attach a few shelves or wall shelves to the two sides of the wall.

Don’t forget to make sure all the shelves are firmly attached so they don’t collapse easily. Now, if the display rack is finished, you can immediately fill it with various displays or your favorite collection and it’s guaranteed that it will look even more aesthetic.

6. Unique Display Shelf Rack

Unique Display Shelf Rack

This last display rack design consists of several open shelves arranged irregularly. Instead of looking cluttered, this display rack looks very unique. Just imagine if all the shelves are only arranged vertically or horizontally. Just ordinary, right?

You can put this display rack in the corner of the room to make it more space saving. In addition, thanks to its abstract arrangement, you can also use the upper part of each shelf, such as to place a collection of books or various ornamental plants .


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