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6 Minimalist Hanging Garden Design Inspiration That Save Space

Want to apply the concept of a green house in a residence? For minimal land occupancy that wants to remain beautiful, try to present a minimalist hanging garden that can certainly save space.

Both indoors as part of interior design or outdoors as part of the exterior, hanging gardens are a variation of the vertical garden that is generally known by the public. Like a simpler vertical garden, the following minimalist hanging garden inspiration will prove that beauty does not need to sacrifice excess space.

1.Minimalist Hanging Garden Simple, but Stylish

minimalist hanging garden brickwall and vertical garden

In designing a hanging garden, there is no limit to creativity at all. But for beginners and minimalist rooms that are not too big , you should start with a simple design and not too ambitious.

We approaches suggest using photo frames from wood -style rustic and colorful, simple plant pots or boxes that are tailored to the size of the wall. Choose several types of plant seeds so that there are variations in plant styles, and you can further arrange for a hanging garden that suits the interior of the room as a whole.

2.Spices Ready in the Kitchen

minimalist hanging garden in the Kitchen

Want a more functional hanging garden? Present a mini spice garden in the kitchen area. In addition to overcoming land limitations, this neatly arranged kitchen spice plant will also provide a supply of herbs needed for cooking.

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No need to panic if one of the spices run out, because it can directly take from this hanging garden. Make sure the size of the pot and the number of plants adjusted to the area of ​​the kitchen so that the impression of a beautiful minimalist still takes precedence.

3.Comfortable Reading Corner with Natural Presence

Comfortable Reading Corner

Generally, minimalist home is quiet with the presence of accessories or decorations that are not important. For those of you who want to save space while still raising its own aesthetic minimalism, copy the inspiration of a hanging garden compacted in one corner of the next room.

Aside from being an additional decoration, the hanging garden which seemed to blend with the green wall attracted immediate attention and gave the impression of calm that made me feel at home. The reading corner which is equipped with an armchair also looks comfortable.

4.Take advantage of Succulent, Beautiful Little

Take advantage of Succulent

If usually succulent plants are placed in small pots or terrarium, how about putting succulent in a minimalist hanging garden? Succulent plants have many advantages, starting from the sweet style, can filter the air, improve humidity in the room, to add a fresh atmosphere and sharpen the focus.

For you fans of succulent plants, vary the types and colors of succulent plants in a hanging garden and pin them in a potted box nailed to the wall. Hanging gardens look like living nature paintings , right?

This hanging garden can also be a place for creativity for you succulent lovers who want to admire the beauty of succulent in a larger container.

5.The beauty of the indoor minimalist garden

indoor minimalist garden

In addition to hanging pots vertically or creating a hanging garden with the help of furniture , vary the placement of plants by adding pots to sit in the remaining room. Just take the inspiration of an indoor hanging garden with a boho feel.

Besides the shelter feels more beautiful, the interior of a minimalist room also looks more natural and comfortable thanks to the combination of a hanging garden and plants in a sitting pot. Application of the concept of a green house will help maintain family health as well.

6.Create a Living Green Wall

Living Green Wall

Ideally, when working, the eyes should be rested for 10-15 minutes every hour. Presenting a hanging garden that meets the walls of the workspace is also recommended to be more productive when working at home .

Selection of plants in a hanging garden should not be arbitrary. So that the beauty of the hanging garden can last longer, make sure that the plants are easy to care for and benefit the conditions of the room, as well as the growing media can sustain maximum growth and development of plants.

Examples of plants that can be used as an ideal hanging garden are ferns and geraniums that also function as mosquito repellents. It’s a good idea to find a way to make a hanging garden from plants that have abundant benefits such as mosquito repellent plants or natural filters to clear the air in the room.

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