right-angled, narrow staircase

6 Most Creative Narrow Staircase Design

Many say narrow houses are uncomfortable to live in. Even if you know some of the tricks, a narrow house will feel as comfortable as a big house. One such trick is to determine the right narrow staircase design.

As we already know, the design of stairs is generally large and has a certain angle that takes up a lot of space. Therefore, this time we will inspire you with narrow staircase design that is certainly functional and safe for the residents of the house.

1. A narrow spiral staircase design

narrow spiral staircase design

In the old houses, spiral stairs are usually used to climb to the attic or a place to dry clothes. But now, spiral stairs can be applied as a narrow staircase to connect two floors. To eliminate the impression of the attic stairs, you should paint this narrow staircase with elegant colors like black, white, and even gold. Use high-quality iron so that the ladder is more robust to support the burden of its users.

2. A straight narrow staircase

straight narrow staircase design

Using a ladder with the letter L will take up a lot of space. Therefore, Kania recommends that you use a straight narrow staircase like this only. At first glance the design of this narrow staircase is like a bamboo ladder and folding ladder commonly used by builders. But with wood and polished edges of paint, the results look more modern. This narrow staircase is more suitable for use by adult family members who are still prime because there are no handles or barriers.

3. Curved narrow staircase

Curved narrow staircase design

If it is not possible to use a straight narrow staircase design for safety reasons, try the curved narrow staircase design like this. At first glance similar to the shape of the letter L, only it looks softer because of the curved corners. In order not to create the impression of a narrow room, use iron trellis that has a distance from each other.

4. Narrow staircase but economical place and creative

Narrow staircase design but economical place

Actually, the narrow staircase on this one is almost the same as other stairs that are straight in shape. What distinguishes it and makes it look unique is the shape of the steps made by the zig zag. The safety level of the user is also very guaranteed because on the right and left side there is a wall guarding it. Very creative and makes your narrow home more attractive!

5. A narrow, right-angled, narrow staircase

right-angled, narrow staircase

If we previously discussed the design of a narrow, right-angled, narrow staircase, this one is somewhat different because of its mini size. Because of the tiny, the narrow staircase can only be passed by one person at a time. What is unique from the design of this narrow staircase is the stairs that look like floating because the frame is planted on the wall. Take it easy, if installed properly then this ladder is able to support heavy loads.

6. A narrow staircase to the attic design

narrow staircase to the attic design

Because of the narrowness of a house, sometimes residents have to use the attic area as well. Some make it into a room, some make it into a storage area. The narrow staircase that is best suited for the attic area is a straight ladder with small steps and an iron frame.

So, how about it, not confused anymore with designing stairs?

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