glass doors in the dining room

6 Stylish Residential Designs with Glass Doors

Glass doors are usually found in large buildings such as shopping centers and office buildings. However, due to its simple design and style, now glass doors are also starting to be used for residential use regardless of whether they are large or narrow. The result, the shelter also looks more modern and also roomy.

Do not believe? Try to see 6 residential design with the following glass door!

1. Residential design with glass doors in the bedroom

glass doors in the bedroom

Ever imagined that you could wake up immediately when you were directly greeted by sunlight? If so, then you should cheat on a bedroom design that uses glass doors as a barrier to the balcony of your favorite house . The color of the glass door frame can be adjusted to the main color of the bedroom. For example this design is gray.

Make sure this glass door faces directly into the garden so that it is not easily peeked by strangers. If not possible, hang the sheer or curtain according to your taste.

2. Minimalist residential design with glass door frames

residential design with glass door frames

The first residential design with glass doors is a minimalist home-style architecture . The suitable glass door is a glass door with a minimalist frame . The frame is only on the edge of the door in black to make it stand out from the color around it. Its size is large enough for you to see the situation in the house easily.

3. Residential design with glass doors in the workspace

glass doors in the workspace

For some people, work space must be quiet and free from distractions from others. The next residential design focuses on the workspace section. In order not to disturb the owner of the room, you can use an opaque glass door like this.

Usually people use a type of glass sandblast or patterned glass. Privacy is maintained, sitting in office chairs and work is more productive, so even residential looks more stylish.

4. Residential design with artistic glass doors

artistic glass doors

This glass door is guaranteed to make everyone who sees it fascinated. Because the glass door was given a colorful paint resembling an abstract painting and very artistic! Glass doors like this are suitable for modern, contemporary, minimalist-style residential designs, to eclectic-style residences.

If you already have this glass door, it looks like you don’t need more paintings to display on the wall.

5. Residential design with glass doors in the dining room

glass doors in the dining room

If possible, the dining room can also have a glass door that directs residents to the backyard. Because this glass door is translucent, you can add wooden doors with small gaps as roster. When the sun is shining hot, you can close the glass door using a wooden door.

6. Residential design with glass doors and walls

Residential design with glass doors and walls

Glass doors as well as walls are usually used in large residences. This glass door is made leading to the backyard or swimming pool. Uniquely, this glass door is opened not by sliding or pushing, but by turning it. For this minimalist house door, turning it is the easiest way and doesn’t take up much space.

Whatever residential design choices you use later, don’t forget to pay attention to the maintenance of the glass door to keep it looking beautiful and strong. Be careful when closing glass doors.

Make it a habit to clean the door railing so that there is no dust accumulating, thus interfering with the process of opening and closing the door. Also clean the glass using a special soap and glass wiper so that the glass door is not easily scratched!

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