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6 Stylish Portable Table Designs to Save Space

Having a limited area of ​​residence does not mean you cannot live comfortably and have complete furniture. One solution that you can implement is to use a portable table.

The main characteristic of a portable table is that it can be folded and moved easily without reducing its main function. Thus when the table is not used, you can store it in the corner and the room will feel more spacious. In addition, the position can also be changed wherever you want.

How about the design? Take it easy, because portable tables are widely available in stylish designs like the following.

1. Portable table design for outdoor

outdoor portable table design

For those of you who like to have outdoor banquets, a portable table design like this is a must-have. The material used is wood and stainless steel. He cried again this portable table is packed with 4 chairs. Pretty good, just sit sweet without the hassle of setting up chairs again. You also don’t need to worry about its durability because it has 8 supporting legs in all corners.

2. Portable round table design

Portable round table design

The next portable table is round and can be used by 4 people. At first glance it looks normal like a dining table in general, but if you pay attention to the four chairs specifically designed so that it can be “slipped” onto the table. This chair is not connected to the table and you can move it as you wish. When not in use, these tables and chairs look more compact and neat in the middle of the room.

3. Japanese-style portable table

Japanese-style portable table

Don’t want to be bothered with a chair? Then try the Japanese portable table design and sit on the carpet . This one portable table is shaped like a simple wooden box. But of the four sides there are boards that can be drawn and used as a dining table or desk. If you only eat together, just pull two boards. The concept is very simple but efficient for small rooms.

4. Portable table as well as a picture frame

Portable table as well as a picture frame
picture frame fold down table – Table Designs and Ideas

This portable table design and photo frame is the right choice for you who don’t want to bother looking for room decor anymore. This portable table blends with the wall. When not in use, this table can be folded to the wall and become a picture frame . When you want to use it, you only need to pull the end and pull out the two table legs. Just choose which photos you want to display.

5. Minimalist portable table

Minimalist portable table

For rooms with minimalist interiors , we recommends using a portable table with a design like this. This portable table design has a firm line typical of minimalist style and neutral colors. The legs of the table are elbows and are easy to fold. When not in use, this portable table can be folded up to look like a board with a stand so it is suitable to be used as a work table if you work from home. Just put it near the wall so that the middle of the room feels more relieved.

6. Portable table with wheels

Portable table with wheels

In addition to being easily folded and saving space, portable desks must also be easily moved from one place to another. If the table is small, that’s fine, but if it is large enough and uses heavy material, it will be difficult to carry it. Therefore, look for a portable table with wheeled legs so you can push easily in any direction.

Before you determine which portable table design to buy, it would be better if you also consider the size of the table in an open state!

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