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6 Tips and Tricks for Storing Items in Tiny Rooms

It is undeniable, housing is often filled with many items to complete various needs. These items will make the house feel cramped and messy if not stored properly. Especially if your residence is small, such as studio apartments and boarding houses.

Then, what is the right way to store all the things in that tiny room? Calm down, here we will share tips and tricks for storing things in a small room so that your home stays tidy. Come on, read the review to the end!

Easy Ways to Store Various Objects in a Narrow Room

1.Take advantage of the area under the bed to store things


area under the bed to store things

There are still many people who have not thought that the area under the bed can be used as a place to store various items. To be neater, you should store your favorite items using a storage box , such as a container box.

If you have more budget , please make a built-in shelf that blends with the bed. Some items that are suitable to be stored under the bed are toiletries, clothes, bed linen , and a number of accessories. Don’t forget, make sure you save the items according to the category, so it’s easier when looking for them!

2.Storing Kitchen Utensils with Hangers


Kitchen Utensils with Hangers

Storing kitchen utensils is a pretty annoying thing. This is because kitchen utensils come in different sizes and shapes. For storing plates and bowls, you can stack them, but for pots , knives, graters, and so on, it’s another story. Therefore, the best way to store these kitchen utensils in a small room is to hang them.

Prepare an iron rail hanger organizer and attach it to the stove top or dishwasher area. Use hooks to store and hang a number of kitchen utensils. Besides not taking up space, this storage area is also easier to clean, you know!

3.The door area as a place to store various items


door area as a place to store various items

Storing things in the door area, why not? Choose a few spots near the door that don’t block the way in and out, for example at the back of the door where you can turn it into a vertical shoe rack . Just use a hanging organizer made of PVC material that is light, but still strong.

In addition, you can also use the top of the door to store a number of items using a wall shelf. However, we recommends this area only for storing items that are rarely used, such as tool boxes or your various collections. This is because the location is quite high and it will be a little inconvenient if you have to go back and forth to store it.

4.Use Ottoman, the Multifunctional Furniture


Multifunctional Furniture

In the past, the ottoman was used as a footrest as well as an additional seat. However, in modern times, the ottoman has been modified as a storage area as well. Just open the top and you can store various items in it.

When closed, the ottoman can be used as a seat. This versatile piece of furniture is perfect for storing books, stationery, and even snacks. Thus, the room will look neater and no one will think that you store a lot of things in it. Interested in using it?

5.Storing Make-up Tools in the Dressing Table


Make-up Tools in the Dressing Table

For women, having a large collection of make-up and facial care products is commonplace. However, storing all these collections on the table using a small drawer is less efficient in a small room.

Well, as a solution, you can use a Chinese wooden box- style dressing table . The shape is like a box, but the cover is equipped with a mirror . That way, you can store all your make-up collections in it as well as apply makeup. Very practical, huh?

6.Storing Items on Vertical Shelves


Vertical Shelves

One of the principles of storing things in a small room is to store them vertically. Therefore, you can take advantage of tall and slender vertical shelves to save space. If your small room has an empty corner, don’t hesitate to put a vertical shelf there.

Those are tips and tricks for storing things in a small room that you can immediately follow. Don’t forget to make it a habit to immediately put back the things that have been used in their place, OK? Enjoy the neat little room!


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