Storage of goods in Minimalist Home Room Design

6 Tricks Arranging Minimalist Home Room Design

Rearranging minimalist home room designs you should do regularly. In addition to providing a new feel that is fresher, the appearance of a minimalist home room design will be even more trendy and unsightly if you place furniture and decorations that are contemporary and in accordance with the concept of residence.

However, there are many people who are still wrong to rearrange the design of minimalist home spaces, such as excessive use of furniture, the use of paint that is too crowded or put decorations that do not fit the place.

Now, to help you, we will share tips and tricks for managing minimalist home room design so it is more balanced, aesthetic and more comfortable to live in. What are these tips?

1.Selection Paint

Selection Paint for Minimalist Home Room Design

In a minimalist home room design, the selection of paint must be done properly because it can eliminate the aesthetics of the minimalist concept that you want to stretch. It’s best not to use too much striking house paint colors and choose neutral colors like gray or white.

But if you are bored with the use of neutral colors, you can use earthy tone colors in a minimalist home room design with color palettes such as brown and beige, or choose pastel colors that can liven up the interior atmosphere but don’t seem excessive.

2.Storage of Goods

Storage of goods in Minimalist Home Room Design

Minimalist home room design has its own characteristics: simple and does not use a lot of stuff. For that, you should start rearranging the minimalist home room design by placing items and sorting items that are not used so that it looks more presentable and not cluttered.

You can try the konmari method. For items that are not used, it is better if you put them in a storage box and not put them carelessly because they can make the house look dirty.

3.Lighting In Minimalist Home Room Design


You should also pay attention to lighting in a minimalist home room design. In addition to making openings such as the design of large windows to emit natural light, you should also pay attention to the use of lights in a minimalist home room design.

Because it can create the illusion as if the room is more spacious and provides more comfort for the occupants. So , immediately pay attention to the placement of lighting in your residence so the room does not seem cramped and dark.

4.Pay Attention To Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration In Minimalist Home Room Design

The use of decorations on the wall such as photo frames, paintings or unique wall clocks will make minimalist home room designs look more creative and aesthetic. However, what happens if you put too much wall decoration? Certainly, excessive use of wall decorations will make the interior look messy.

For that, limit the amount of wall decor to a minimalist home room design by sorting out any decorations you want to show off!

5.Furniture Design Appropriate with Minimalist Home Room Design Concepts

Furniture Design Appropriate

Applies to those of you who want to replace old furniture with new ones, you should start sorting furniture with the right size, model and design to fit the minimalist home design that you want to highlight.

Related to the model, choose furniture that is in accordance with the concept of minimalist home room design, which uses furniture with a size that is not too large so it does not make the room seem cramped. You can choose a minimalist table and sofa , as well as minimalist style wall hangings.

As for colors, you can adopt furniture with colors that match the walls or use colors according to decorating themes such as Scandinavia which are generally dominated by white.

6.Combine Natural Elements in Residential

Combine Natural Elements in Residential

Generally, minimalist home room designs seem stiff and cold. However, you can combine natural nuances by adding ornamental plants such as succulents or cacti to make them look fresher and warmer. If you are interested in adding plants, do not forget to always take care of him, yes!

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