Moroccan terrace design with beautiful electric nuances

7 Fun Moroccan-style Terrace Designs for Family Gatherings

One area besides the living room that can be used to entertain guests is the terrace area. The terrace area, which is an open space, is also more fun to use for relaxing and gathering with family and relatives. The problem is, what kind of terrace design is suitable and fits the atmosphere?

These 7 variations of Moroccan-style terrace designs can be an inspiration for you to rearrange and decorate your home terrace in order to welcome the holiday! Come on, just look at the inspiration!

1. Moroccan terrace design with beautiful electric nuances

Moroccan terrace design with beautiful electric nuances

The Moroccan design style is known for the use of bold colors accompanied by ethnic motifs. On this striking blue terrace, fresh colors coming from the plants and chairs are paired with a flower-patterned ceramic table which also matches these colors. The combination of these elements creates an electric look on the patio.

Not only that, this terrace is also arranged in a good composition of furniture placement. Placing ornamental plants on the front side of the terrace allows visiting guests to enjoy the beauty and beauty of the terrace area. The gurgling water from the mini fountain also adds to the natural feel of the terrace area.

2. The back porch which functions as an outdoor dining area

morocco style patio designs

The gathering event is usually accompanied by a meal. When the dining room in the house feels too small to accommodate guests who want to eat your diamond and you happen to have a large back porch, you can turn it into an outdoor dining area.

On the other side of the terrace, it can still be used as a relaxing area. Give a touch of typical Moroccan ornaments such as lanterns and ethnic cushions.

3. Maximize the corner of the tiny terrace with an L-shaped storage bench

tiny terrace with an L-shaped storage bench

If you have a small terrace, you can still maximize its function by installing an L-shaped bench, like this cheerful terrace.

The yellow on the bench, patterned cushions and throws create a contrast against the white walls that have a Moroccan accent. The use of storage bench also very precise, multifunctional furniture can you use to store cookies, tablets.

4. An intimate atmosphere with tribal carpets on the back porch

tribal carpets on the back porch

There is another inspiration for those of you who have a large enough back porch. You can turn the terrace into a large family picnic area by laying out tribal-patterned carpets. Also place wooden chairs and soft floor pillows for added comfort when gathering on the terrace area. Also prepare tables for presenting the special foods.

In addition, these dome-shaped lights can also be a light that accompanies when the family gathering lasts until nightfall. Moroccan design style is appropriate to be applied in open spaces. Ethnic motifs and striking colors look even more attractive when they blend with natural elements.

5. The room relaxed cozy in front porch

For those of you who don’t have a back porch at all, you don’t need to worry because in addition to the back porch, you can also maximize the limited front porch area of ​​the house. This area can be used as a relaxing space as well as a resting room for relatives who come from outside the city and want to visit your house longer.

The key is in organization. You can add a carpet, pouf , or stool if the terrace already has two pairs of cushions. Another variation is to create a shady atmosphere like in the countryside with unique furniture, namely this white divan with macramé knitwear.

6. Minimalist terrace design with typical Moroccan ceramics

terrace design with typical Moroccan ceramics

If you don’t like decorations and ornaments that are too crowded but on the other hand, you still want to bring out a typical Moroccan feel, you can imitate this one terrace design.

This terrace design is deliberately minimalist by placing Moroccan ornaments only on the tiled floor and lighting. Even so, the atmosphere of the terrace feels more homely and warm, perfect for those of you who want a more intimate family gathering .

7. Moroccan-style terrace is more shaded with a canopy

Moroccan style terrace with canopy

So that the family gathering on the terrace of the house is not disturbed by the hot sun, the terrace area should be protected by a canopy. This Moroccan-style terrace design makes a white canopy as one of its main elements.

The white color is then applied to the rattan sofa and coffee table or coffee table , making the tribal accents of the carpet stand out to liven up the atmosphere.

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