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7 Google Office Designs That Make Work Enthusiastic

Right now, who can’t live without Google? Want to find out a little for sure what Google clicked first. If you want to find ideas about home design, definitely go to Google first, right? But, are you curious about the people behind them, what kind of work environment do they think they have?

Moreover, working in the technology sector is not an easy job, don’t they get bored quickly or don’t they get stressed easily? Office design not only makes you feel at home, but can also improve your mood, you know!

In fact, Google’s office design is designed to be as fun as possible so that its employees can continue to work comfortably. I was so comfortable, they forgot that they were working.

This office design with a creative workspace concept also helps to inspire them, you know. So, the employees never run out of ideas and Google is increasingly at the forefront of technological innovation.

Are you curious? So what are you waiting for, let’s go with us on a trip to Google offices in various parts of the world! He said, each of these offices has a unique design appearance and is different from one another. Do you know, Google office design in each country is matched with the culture and habits that exist in each country?

1. Google Design Office in New York City, USA

google office new york

Let’s start with the city that is in the most western part, New York City. Google Office Design in New York City, especially in its open space, adopts a typical New York apartment design with industrialist nuances. This room is a place for employees to collaborate, discuss and exchange ideas.

By presenting an office design with a home concept, the atmosphere that is awakened while working becomes more intimate, like working at home.

google office new york

The typical installation of the New York Times Square building was also featured in this office design. There is a kind of video screen with holographic graphics hanging from the ceiling throughout the room. This Google company in New York City also allows employees to bring their pets to work, you know.

2. Google Design Office in Dublin, Ireland

google office ireland

The Google office in Dublin is one of the largest Google offices in the world, this building has an area of ​​approximately 46,000 m². Because of its large area, this office is also better known as Google Campus. Inside there are 5 restaurants, 42 types of recreation rooms, and more than 400 informal meeting rooms.

google office ireland

And the Google office design in Dublin prioritizes the concept of open space design , namely the availability of plenty of space for employees to interact.

In this office design, meeting rooms are designed differently from meeting rooms in general. The design is made like an amphitheater, the wooden chairs are arranged high and then combined with a cushion ornament or soft sitting pillow.

So that the atmosphere of the room becomes relaxed and relaxed, far from the tense atmosphere of the meeting room.

Google’s office lounge in Dublin does provide so many facilities. One of them is a karaoke room and a room to play musical instruments. As in this picture, the lounge is dominated by bohemian elements, such as a wall mural with lanterns on it, a ceiling decorated with twinkling stars, and a carpet with ethnic motifs.

It seems that the office design with the concept of one person and one table is no longer valid. In this office design, a working space is designed to make it easier for employees to mobilize.

They are also free to choose to work at the office table , on the sofa, or while on the floor. The concept of office design like this really gives flexibility for employees to be creative in their own way.

3. Google Design Office in London, UK

google office london

Now we move to the country aboutga Ireland, namely England. The Google office design in London is dominated by Google’s distinctive colors, namely red, blue, yellow and green. British ornaments are also present in the design of this office, such as the decorations in the recreation area.

The walls are covered with wallpaper or wall covering with the British flag on them, and even the ping-pong tables follow the red stripe pattern on the British flag. Wow, how do you play it?

google office london

In addition, Google’s London office also has complete sports facilities, the most complete among Google’s other offices. The auditorium area is also very large and equipped with sophisticated technology.

google office london

Interestingly, in the privacy area for employees, the shape is designed like a small country-style house in England, with tiny curved doors. Employees can take advantage of this space when they need a more conducive and calm atmosphere to work.

4. Google Design Office in Zurich, Switzerland

google office zurich

This time we are in Eastern Europe, to be precise in the city of Zurich. The Google office design in Zurich is strong with aquatic and snowy tones. Perhaps, because the city of Zurich itself is famous for its cold temperatures and shipping business, and certainly its mumps.

google office zurich

This office design uses the gondola a lot as the main feature of its design. There is an area where the gondola serves as a small work space that can be filled by 1-2 people. Artificial snow also covers the floor of this area, making it like camping in the middle of a snowy area in Switzerland.

There is also a room with a hanging chair designed like a gondola, placed directly next to the large window. Sitting on it felt like riding a real gondola. Usually employees use this room when they want to find inspiration.

google office zurich

The design concept of the leisure space is no less unique. This relaxing space is wrapped in retro-style wallpaper , bean bags in the corner , and round aquarium windows. Wow, like recreation in the cabin of a submarine. There is also a meeting room where the seats are rowboats and dak boats.

5. Google Design Office in Tel Aviv, Israel

google office tel aviv

Seeing the picture above, you must be familiar, right? This pipe slide is indeed a feature that has always been present in Google office designs, its function is as a transition to move from the top floor to the lower floor.

The skating at the Tel Aviv office is indeed the most talked about. Because it is pink, it looks like human gut. In fact, the color is just right when combined with the neon colors in the room.

google office tel aviv

The Google office design in Tel Aviv in each room has a specific theme. All of them are taken from some of the iconic sights in Israel. In the hallway, the office design resembles the cobbled walls on the side of the road in Tel Aviv, with a slight element of surprise of ornamental plants hanging under the windows.

google office tel aviv

Plant decorations and green room concepts can often be found in this office design. Like a meeting room decorated with vines typical of Israeli gardens or open spaces with garden nuances, there are benches and garden tables, trees, and synthetic grass as floors. Studies also prove that bringing natural nuances into the room can increase creativity.

6. Google Design Office in Sydney, Australia

google office sydney

Now we come to Google’s office which is located in the city of Sydney. Blue color and wood elements are important elements in the overall design of this office. One of the unique concepts of Google’s Sydney office design is the dry forest setting in Australia. Employees can work casually in hammocks , surrounded by leafless tree installations.

google office sydney
Google Offices

One of the most unique things about this office design is the workspace that hangs on wooden panels shaped like peanut shell fragments. Its unique shape remains sturdy, so that it can make employees comfortable working in any position.

7. Google Office Design in Singapore

google office singapore

Google’s office in Singapore is Google’s largest office in Asia Pacific. There are several parts of this office design that still adopt a cubicle concept workspace. However, the roof is made so high that it can break up the accumulated sound so that it is not too noisy, and the work atmosphere does not feel stuffy.

The ‘kampung’ theme is also the authentic theme of this office design. It is applied in several rooms using décor of bamboo and wallpaper patterned foliage.

However, the most distinctive ones are hanging lamps shaped like lanterns and circular sofas shaped like cups. The facilities in the cafeteria not only provide an area for eating, every day sharing events are held for the employees.

google office singapore

One thing is certain, why Google designed its office with a creative and unique concept because Google really appreciates its employees.

Google understands that office design can affect employee performance, which is indirectly the company’s performance. No wonder, since 2008 Google has always won the Fortune magazine version of the best office design award.


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