A Playful Hanging Yard

7 Home Yard Designs That Are Not Just Grass and Flowers

How do you decorate your home yard to look more attractive? Green open spaces equipped with flower gardens and various other ornamental plants or just a place to relax with grass and shady trees are some of the yard designs that are commonly used in dwellings.

However, of course there are still many other creative ways to turn a yard into a beautiful and attractive additional space besides using grass and flowers alone. Interested in experimenting with the design of your home yard? Take a peek at the creations of various attractive, unique, and modern home yard designs here to perfect your entire home!

1. Minimalist with a stretch of white coral

Minimalist home yard Design with white coral

The design of the house may be minimalist but that does not mean that your yard must also follow the concept of minimalism in general. Mix and match the expanse of grass in your yard with a composition of tread stone and clean white coral. This composition will make a minimalist courtyard design feel modern without the need for excessive vegetation.

2. Modern Courtyard for a Relaxing Sitting Room

Modern Courtyard with furniture

The yard can also be a functional enough space to support your daily life in your home. Home yard designs not just as a garden but also as a lounge to relax with landscape arrangement and wooden furniture in accordance with the available space and the design you want.

3. Home Yard designs with Shady Fish Ponds

Home Yard with Shady Fish Ponds

Don’t like farming? Or even a fan of ornamental fish ? Nothing wrong with turning the rest of the home yard into a fish pond. Not only giving more aesthetics to the home, bringing a fish pond in the home yard will provide a more calm spiritual atmosphere and heal a tired mind.

4. A Playful Hanging Yard

A Playful Hanging Yard

The yard can also be a fun place to spend your free time and leisure. For this reason, arranging ornamental plants on the home yard is not enough. Add facilities to relax like this comfortable hanging chair in your yard. To make your sitting time more comfortable, don’t forget to add a location for the campfire and decorating pillows for a playful atmosphere .

5. Design a Yard with a Wood Deck

Design a Yard with a Wood Deck

Another alternative yard design that you can apply is to use a wooden deck in your yard. This wooden deck can certainly be used for many things such as an outdoor dining room, a relaxed place to sit, to a BBQ area and an area for holding family events. Its main function is that it can add space in the yard making wooden decks become one of the main choices for you who lack space in the house.

6. Modern Home Yard Designs with Monochrome Tread Rock Composition

home yard designs

To present a modern look on the home yard, you can also get it with a composition of tread stones and other rocks on your home yard. As with the use of brightly colored tread stones, it is composed with dark coral like black so that it gives a dynamic and modern monochrome look without the need to look excessive.

7. Modern Oriental Shades with Rock and Bamboo

Modern Oriental Shades with Rock and Bamboo

A good yard design certainly requires the correct arrangement of stone composition. The application of rocks and plants with oriental nuances such as bamboo and pine can give a different nuance to your yard, you know. Not only impressed modern and minimalist, you can also make the atmosphere to be calm and refreshing so you can release the fatigue in your yard after a tiring day.

What do you think? Your yard can certainly be unique and different from other people who only use grass and flowers. Dare to explore the yard into a space that is more unique and modern than just a flower garden? Come on, start trying some ideas from us so you can be one step closer to your dream home yard. Good luck!

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