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7 House Designs with Exposed Brick Walls

Brick is a building material that has been used for a long time to build building structures, especially walls. However, along with the development of the design world, the presence of brick walls is not only seen in terms of the robustness of the structure but also the appearance and aesthetic value they have.

This has led many people to start diverting the function of brick walls as a decorative element of buildings.

Interested in using exposed brick walls as part of a decorative element in the interior of your home? Take a peek at various exposed brick wall creations for various design styles that can complement the interior of your next dream home!

Brick Wall for a Rustic Interior Style

Brick Wall for a Rustic Interior Style

One of the dominant characters given by exposed brick walls is an industrial and rustic impression . So, the choice of exposed brick walls is definitely the right choice for those of you who want to apply this design style to the room.

To strengthen the rustic style of applying exposed brick walls to the interior, combine it with wood material with a rough and contrasting texture. Iron and metal materials are also suitable for livening up the industrial impression in the room.

Brick Wall for Scandinavian Interior Style

Brick Wall for Scandinavian Interior Style

A brick wall doesn’t always have a reddish tone. Several types of bricks that are exposed often have a grayscale color tone due to calcification or the use of white cement in the handling process.

A wall like this is perfect for a room with a Scandinavian interior style that lacks a color palette.

Brick Wall for Modern Interior Style

It is also possible for exposed brick walls to be applied to a room that has a modern style. For modern interiors, make sure to use exposed brick with a more solid and consistent color composition and a tidier installation. For a modern style, also avoid brick walls with a rough texture. Also apply furniture with earthy tones to harmonize with the color of the brick.

Elegant and Luxurious with Black Brick Walls

Luxurious with Black Brick Walls

Another alternative to presenting exposed brick walls in a modern residence is to provide color to the exposed brick finishing . Like with this all-black brick wall. The black color of the exposed brick helps give the room a more elegant and luxurious impression, especially in the all-black interior of the house .

Games in Arranging Exposed Bricks Walls

Arranging Exposed Bricks Walls

One way to create an exposed brick wall is the arrangement pattern. For brick walls that are directly connected to the outdoors, a tenuous arrangement of patterns will provide an interesting lighting effect.

Bricks can also be stacked to provide a back and forth texture to the walls so that the walls have a more dynamic and less monotonous profile.

Half and Half Brick Wall

Half and Half Brick Wall

Afraid of implementing a brick wall because the character is too strong? You can overcome this by implementing exposed bricks in a minimalist manner on only part of the wall like this one exposed brick wall creation. By providing a more solid finish at the bottom of the wall it also provides better resistance to brick walls because it prevents contact with water.

Keep Appearing Clean with All White Brick Walls

All White Brick Walls

Do you want the room to look cleaner and more spacious? You can still apply exposed brick walls, but with the right color.

Exposed brick walls with clean white color not only give a clean and spacious impression to the room but also make it more flexible to be implemented with various other design styles. Starting from classic, modern, to Scandinavian interior styles.

Regardless of the design style that you want to apply to the interior of your dream home, walls with exposed brick material can still be considered as a decorative element in the room. Are you more interested in making exposed bricks as part of the interior of your home?

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