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7 Inspiration Staircase Designs For Various Interior Styles

For terraced houses, the presence of stairs is a mandatory element. Not only as a circulation path and access from the ground floor to the top floor, the right design of the staircase can also provide a more attractive interior appearance.

When designing stairs, also pay attention to the appearance to keep it in harmony with the interior of the dwelling. More than just the function and comfort, determining the design of the staircase also means ensuring the design style and color of the stairs in order to become a residential decoration ornament .

So you can get the best household stair design for residential, take a peek at various inspirational staircase designs with various interesting design concepts that could be your reference!

1. Floating house Staircase

floating staircase design

The concept of floating on a ladder is a popular choice for modern and minimalist homes . Now, concepts like this are also modified for a more futuristic impression by utilizing various materials with a modern appearance such as iron and steel.

If you choose a floating staircase design, ensure the strength of the staircase structure to maintain the security of your home.

2. Multifunction by utilizing the space under the stairs

staircase upper space

Space at the bottom of the stairs often becomes a wasted and unused area. To be more space efficient, especially in small houses, you can make the design of the staircase to be more functional with the concept of a closet under the stairs .

The composition of the shelves or cabinets that make up the stairs is one creative way to make use of the unused area to be more functional.

3. Creative staircase design

rotating staircase design

Although the rotating staircase design is more popular to be used as a service ladder, in fact the concept of turning is also quite interesting to be applied as a staircase as well as a focal point in the main room. Its dynamic appearance makes rotating stairs stand out through the laying and selection of matching structural materials and railings .

4. Game shape on the design of an iron ladder

iron steel stairs

The use of iron and steel materials for home staircase designs is now beginning to be favored because of its practicality. However, the appearance of iron steel stairs is often considered rigid and cold. In fact, by processing the shape and decorative elements on the stairs, the design of stairs with steel structures can also appear dynamic and lively.

5. Wooden Staircase Design

wooden staircase

In addition to playing with shapes, to reduce the impression of cold and stiffness in the design of the staircase of the house is to choose the right ladder material. In addition to being able to animate the natural impression, the use of wood in the design of the staircase is also able to provide a warmer residential design.

6. Stand out with the color play on the design of the stairs of the house

rainbow color staircase design
rainbow color staircase design

A simple staircase design doesn’t mean you can’t look attractive. The color combination game is one simple way to add to the appeal of the staircase design.

Arrangement of stairs color composition and overall interior color can make a simple staircase design be the point of interest of the whole interior.

7. Minimalist home stair design that saves space

simple white staircase

The limited space on small residential properties is no reason to present a functional and attractive staircase designs. Minimalist concept that saves space can be seen in this one stair design. By following the standard size and ergonomic design, the design of the stairs can remain comfortable and safe to step on, even in limited space.

With creativity, who would have thought the design of a household ladder could be very interesting. Not only can be a decorative element of the room, the design of the staircase is also very likely to be a focal point in the interior design of your home. Even so, do not forget that the design of the household stairs must remain ergonomic and comfortable to use.

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