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7 Minimalist Fence House Designs That Will Become Trends in 2020

For the best minimalist home appearance, not only the interior that must be arranged carefully, but also the exterior. For minimalist fence designs, the trend in the following year began to emerge as an inspiration for those of you who are designing homes. What are the minimalist fence designs that will be trending in 2020?

1.Minimalist Vertical Home Fence Design

Minimalist Vertical Home Fence Design

For a classic contemporary style, there’s no mistaking whether you choose a minimalist fence design for the best exterior of the house. Whether using wood or iron panels, a straight line structure in a minimalist home fence design will always remind us of the impression of a straightforward simple. Besides pleasing to the eye, the minimalist fence design with vertical accents also has the right privacy features, both for 2020 or in the future.

2.Ideal House Fence Play System

House Fence Play System

For this minimalist fence design, this one is indeed quite innovative, modern and still has a minimalist nuance. Minimalist home fence design concept of turning based on two points above and below. This ergonomic design must be designed in such a way as to be able to withstand the heavy weight of the fence as a whole, but in terms of space, this minimalist fence design is quite flexible and efficient for a variety of minimalist home styles.

3.Combination of Abstract and Minimalist Aesthetics

fence combination of Abstract and Minimalist Aesthetics

Maybe you want to design a minimalist fence that is far from boring? This trick can be tried, which combines the design of a minimalist home fence with an abstract impression with elements of different color fusion . This minimalist home fence design inspiration prioritizes aesthetics right on the exterior of the house . The result is a minimalist fence design that makes anyone look at it.

4.Unique Patterns of Minimalist Home Fence Designs

Unique Patterns of Minimalist Home Fence Designs

Choosing a minimalist fence design must indeed reflect the character of its inhabitants. So, don’t want to give up immediately with the usual minimalist fence design. The minimalist fence design with this unique pattern appears anti-mainstream and eye-catching , while providing a trendy modern impression, privacy and optimal comfort.

5.Blend of Different Elements in Design

Blend of Different Elements in Design

For minimalist fence design trends in 2020, you may also try a classic style with various elements. In this minimalist house fence design, the house uses a wall fence, a sharp iron fence and a wooden fence with a beautiful curves. With a classic color selection, this minimalist fence design is guaranteed not to be timeless.

6.Frosted Glass Minimalist Calf Fence

Frosted Glass Minimalist Calf Fence

The application of composite materials in the form of semi-transparent glass alias frosted glass is often combined with metal materials such as steel or iron for ideal contrast. This material will increasingly appear in minimalist fence designs in the following years because it offers attractive visuals, as well as more inviting overall exterior.

7.Natural Stone Fence Full of Art

Natural Stone Fence Full of Art

Thinking of using a minimalist fence design with natural stone ? This brilliant idea can be tried because the trend of natural stone also continues to develop from year to year. Certainly, you can enjoy a beautiful setting with a variety of design creations in your minimalist home. Starting from the colors, patterns, shapes and alloys with other natural elements, everything is okay to be processed in accordance with the housing trend that is being hit.

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