Minimalist Themes

7 Modern Dream Home Designs, Millennial Dreams!

Everyone’s dream home design criteria are different. But for the category of millennial residents, there are some ideal home designs that are certainly a particular concern.

This can be seen from the trends and behavior of this current generation, where the influence of dream home design is often related to the definition of a perfect home in the style of beautiful and charming Internet inspiration. If you are millennials who are looking for a dream home designs, just take a peek at seven exciting inspirations that are sure to suit you!

1.Minimalist Themes Still Become Champions

Minimalist Themes

For millennials, the ideal dream home design still tends to be a calm and simple minimalist design theme . Do not like things that smell complicated or excessive, ideal home design for millennial automatically focuses more on aesthetics and functionality. The concept of a smart home, minimal maintenance and modern natural smells instead become a mainstay while bringing nostalgic elements to its inhabitants.

2.Modern & Vintage – A Blend of Two Times

Modern & Vintage

For millennials, the ideal home design trend is generally a meeting of two contrasting concepts. This trend is also called modern mid-century or modern vintage . As the name implies, the interior style of this dream home design often marries a modern concept with a charming , old- fashioned feel. Both of furniture, materials, designs and trinkets, millennial generation is sandwiched between the two best times ever.

3.Millennial Color Trends For Interiors

dream home designs Millennial Color Trends

The color trend is also very decisive in the design of the millennial dream house. Although generally neutral colors are still dominantly used in homes. millennials begin to channel their creativity with the play of anti- mainstream colors .

Adjusted to the annual color trends, ideal home designs emphasize the use of primary colors, ranging from thick colors that look elegant, to beautiful pastel colors that are not uncommon. Not only for millennials, everyone will be amazed by the choice of colors in the ideal home design.

4.Adoption of Technology in Smart Homes

dream home designs Adoption of Technology

Not new when the dream home design is not far from the control of the latest technology. Modern applications such as electronic devices, temperature control, energy saver, alarm systems to the use of LED lights will be a mandatory feature in the design of dream homes for millennials. Whatever the latest release is considered practical and helpful, it will definitely be considered as an important installation in the dwelling.

5.Meaningful Wall Art Decorations

dream home designs Wall Art Decorations

Not yet valid if the dream home design is not equipped with the coolest wall art decorations . As an expressive generation, the dominance of wall decorations will be very often seen. Not just any random wall art , the choice of millennial will have its own meaning, aesthetics and artistry which will make the dream home design more homey like a private castle.

6.Green, Comfortable and Cool

Comfortable and Cool

One more millennial craze for accessories that best fits the dream home design: indoor plants . Aware of the importance of the need for a healthy and fresh home, millennials like to collect small ornamental plants such as succulents to various green plants of various sizes that can easily be maintained in the house. A healthy and fun hobby for your dream home design, right?

7.The Kitchen of the Future for Millennials

Kitchen of the Future

Unlike previous generations, millennials rarely adopt the habit of gathering in the kitchen or dining room. However, the need for cooking will always be there even in the design of a dream home so that a compact but appropriate kitchen set becomes a mainstay in the open kitchen concept that is favored by millennials.

After seeing the seven dream house designs above, millennials have indeed proven to tend to choose simple but functional designs. Without sacrificing aesthetics, ideal home designs, especially interiors, need to pay attention to the needs of residents so that everyday living in the house becomes comfortable.

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