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7 Wall Line Designs So It’s Not Monotonous!

Want to change the look of the interior of the house? There are many things you can do, such as repainting walls, updating furniture, installing decorative elements, to installing striped motifs on the walls so that they are more efficient.

It is believed that the line motif is ready to conjure up the appearance of the wall so that it is no longer monotonous, simple, but unsightly. However, of course the line motif cannot be random if you want to bring an artistic impression on the interior of the dwelling.

Now, through this article, we will share 7 wall line designs that you can apply to the wall. Guaranteed, the interior appearance of your residence will be more attractive and far from boring.

1.Harmonious soft pastels

Harmonious soft pastels

If you want to bring a feel of calm and comfort, you can adopt the design of pastel colored stripes as in the inspiration above. Not only that, the use of pastel colors on the line motif can make the room brighter, clean and harmonious with various furniture models because it is neutral.

Variations in vertical line motifs such as in the inspiration above can bring a soft artistic impression to the dwelling. Don’t be afraid to combine various pastel colors as variations on the line motif on the wall, yes!

2.Simple Point of Interest in the Room

Simple Point of Interest in the Room

If you do not want to make a major overhaul of the dwelling, you can also apply the line motif on one part of the wall in the room. The inspiration above shows a matching color line motif with a furniture color scheme in the bedroom.

Although only applied to the wall behind the bed, the impression of contrast makes the bedroom look more cheerful and a point of interest in your bedroom.

3.Color Contrast as the Focus of the Room

wall line designs Color Contrast as the Focus of the Room

This one line design is very suitable to be applied in the playroom or child’s bedroom. Consisting of very contrasting colors, this room is ready to make children more cheerful and uplifting.

Not only that, you can also use a line motif on the wall as a means to introduce the types of colors to your child.

4.Classic Monochrome Themes

wall line designs Classic Monochrome Themes

Imagine welcoming guests with the use of classic monochrome-themed wall motifs. Although the use of this line motif design looks simple, but the room looks very harmonious and charming thanks to the combination of other colors, such as soft pink chairs to the natural colors of plants and wood.

5.Wall Line Designs for Variations in Herringbone Patterns

wall line designs

Line motifs are not always horizontal or vertical. You can apply the line motif with herringbone patterns neatly arranged to give a dynamic impression to the room.

Not only that, the addition of herringbone line motif can be varied by adding lines randomly so that the room does not seem stiff and more casual, thus increasing your comfort.

6.Additional Accents on Plain Walls

wall line designs for Additional Accents on Plain Walls

The design of the line motif can also be used as an additional accent in the room as in the inspiration above. So that the walls are not plain, light blue and dark lines are added horizontally to the upper area of ​​the bedroom so that it seems more attractive. Do not forget to adjust the use of furniture so that it looks harmonious and does not seem too crowded.

7.Variety of Colors on the Side of the Room

wall line designs with Variety of Colors on the Side of the Room

This one kitchen looks modern and sweet with a line motif containing a blend of bright colors. In kitchens that are dominated by neutral colors like white and brown as in the inspiration above, walls with a variety of color stripe patterns are highlighted in the kitchen so they don’t seem monotonous.

The seven wall line designs above you can apply to change the look of the wall so it is not monotonous. When playing a motif, don’t forget to always pay attention to the placement of furniture and decoration elements so that the room is unsightly.

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