bathroom design with natural stone

7 Natural Stone Bathroom Designs, Their Natural Impression Makes You Relax!

For some of you, maybe the ritual of bathing is a very important time. Bathing rituals are not only used to cleanse the body, but you can also use them to relax. To support this, of course, a bathroom design that can fulfill these practical functions is needed, one of which is the natural stone bathroom design.

bathroom design with natural stone

The natural stone arrangement not only displays a unique design, the natural stone bathroom design can also present a maximum natural feel.

This natural nuance will make you more comfortable and relaxed in the bathroom. Want to know what kind of relaxation sensation you feel with natural stone bathroom designs? Just take a look at the following article!

1.The combination of natural stone with wooden sticks

natural stone with wooden sticks

Maximize the natural impression that you want to present to your natural stone bathroom design by combining natural stone with other materials , such as wooden floors. In a natural stone bathroom design like this, you can use wood as a floor or wall covering through a wooden wall.

However, don’t cover up the charm of the natural stone that you want to highlight. Try using a different wood color with the texture of natural stone.

2.The rustic, exotic impression of natural stone that fills the bathroom walls

natural stone for bathroom walls

To get a natural stone bathroom design, you can make your bathroom walls filled with natural stone arrangements. The bigger and clearer the exposure from the natural rocks, the more you feel the sensation of bathing in the open air.

The rustic impression that is presented from the luxurious bathroom design with natural stone like this is also very calming. Soaking in the bathtub will be even more fun!

3.Gravel floor for a relaxing sensation in the bathroom

Gravel floor bathroom

Natural stone in natural stone bathroom designs can not only be used on walls. You can also use natural stone on the bathroom floor. Natural stone used for bathroom floor materials is usually gravel.

The natural stone bathroom design with gravel floors is also good for health because the soles of the feet that touch the gravel can provide a relaxing effect and relieve stiffness in the feet.

4.Natural stone bathroom design with a minimalist modern style

Natural stone bathroom design

Natural stone bathroom designs do not always feature bathroom designs like country houses . By using exposed natural stone, you can also get a modern bathroom look, like this natural stone bathroom design.

Natural stone is left exposed on some walls then combined with white and minimalist glass partitions that give a modern impression.

5.Marble and granite give a luxurious natural stone charm

Marble and granite

In addition to using exposed natural stones, other natural stone bathroom design variations are to use materials from other natural stones, namely marble or granite.

Natural stone bathroom designs that use marble and granite are believed to show a classy luxurious impression. However, the use of marble or granite requires regular materials which are quite expensive.

6.Natural stone as a bathroom focal point

Natural stone as a bathroom focal point

One of the effective ways to display the ideal natural stone bathroom design is to make exposed natural stone the focal point of the room. In this way, you are free to combine it with other types of materials. You can get a simple, homey impression with this type of natural stone bathroom design.

7.Artistic impression in the bathroom made of natural onyx stone

natural onyx stone bathroom ideas

Finally, you can also use natural stone as an element in room decor. Natural stone hues can add an eccentric look to your bathroom. One of the natural stone materials that have a unique character is the ceramic made of onyx stone. Natural stone bathroom designs like this can be applied to an all-white bathroom.

How, are you interested in applying natural stone bathroom designs? Which of these seven natural stone bathroom design inspirations suits you?



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