7 Unique and Unmarketable Laser Cutting Fence Motif Inspirations

The innovation of laser cutting fences with various motifs and designs is indeed interesting to watch. This technology can produce beautiful visuals on metal materials that are sturdy and safe for the exterior of the house. It’s time to take advantage of the trend of laser cutting fences to add to the aesthetic side of the house that makes everyone amazed.

1. Laser Cutting Fence with Leaves

Laser Cutting Fence with Leaves

One of the favorite motifs that is not easily timeless, the choice of an elegant foliage-style house fence can be an option. Leaf motifs can be chosen that are denser or larger, which are sure to still give a natural, artistic feel. This minimalist fence motif is suitable for modern homes , so that the impression is cool instantly.

2. A Luxurious Look With Gold Washes

Gold Washes

Laser cutting fences are often synonymous with luxurious styles that are suitable for medium to large sized homes. For fans of the classic European style , you can also choose inspiration for a minimalist fence that carries a certain logo or emblem. Beautified with carvings, it is most suitable if the fence of this house is swept in gold.

3. Tree of Life Symbol of Prosperity

Tree of Life

Good meaning can be pinned on the fence motif according to individual tastes. One that is liked and still unique is the large tree symbol that dominates right in the middle of the fence. This house fence motif is also beautiful because it is regularly symmetrical, as well as quite private with a harmonious arrangement between the laser holes and the rest of the metal material.

4. Anti Mainstream & Cheerful Motif

Anti Mainstream laser cutting fence

Laser cutting fences don’t have to be artistic carvings or just an elegant touch. The inspiration for this house fence motif is different with a flower pattern with large petals and a cheerful style. The combination of large and small sizes also adds liveliness, although you could say that the motif for this house fence is simple. You can try it for your modern home .

5. Laser Cutting Fence with Abstract Motifs

Abstract Motifs laser cutting fence

One of the choices for a house fence for those who don’t want to choose a certain natural motif, but still quite comfortable and easily blends in with their surroundings. This irregular pattern gives a more casual impression but is still neat and comfortable to look at. The arrangement can also be arranged to provide privacy and aesthetic visuals from any angle.

6. Soft Motive with Beautiful Grace

Soft Motive

Laser cutting fences are often associated with strong, sturdy and elegant impressions. But with the right motive, the impression can be more relaxed and beautiful. Options such as patterns of fireworks or scratches resembling flowers can be an alternative for a house fence. Because it still tends to be abstract, this motif will be comfortable to look at at all times.

7. Laser Cutting Fence with Custom Motifs

Custom Motifs

Want something unique and not marketable? Minimalist house fence motif in the style of custom , the exact solution. This inspiration is just one example that is present in a mountainous area that is synonymous with natural, green charm. If you want to make a custom fence motif, which one will you choose?


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