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7 Unique Fence Designs That Fit For Today’s Home

Today’s houses almost always implement fences as an important element. The presence of the fence adds an element of security and aesthetic value to the home. Therefore, at this time many people are thinking about the design of the most suitable fence applied, especially in contemporary models of houses.

The fence design is unique and rarely made by many people gives a special value compared to other types of fences that can increase the confidence of the homeowner. Check out  the following fence designs!

1. Fence Design of Used Goods

Fence Design of Used Goods

Today’s home no longer has to be monotonous. It is precisely with these contemporary elements, our creativity must be increasingly explored. Current trends such as recycling used goods or DIY are increasingly in demand and are no longer a strange thing. One of them is transformed into a unique fence design.

This house creates a bottle by hanging it vertically using a rope. The artistic impression will be increasingly seen because of the bottles used as colorful fence designs. Maybe you can also use bottles that are of different shapes and adapted to the creative installation motif for your fence design?

2. Iron Striped Fence Design

Iron Striped Fence Design

Iron as the main element in the design of home fences has indeed been widely applied in contemporary homes. But by using a striped fence design, the present home will look simple and elegant. Not only serves as a safety, the design of the striped fence also emphasizes the facade of the house.

3. Fence Design with Natural Color Utilization

Fence Design with Natural Color Utilization

The colors in today’s fence designs generally apply natural colors, such as white, gray concrete, black, and brown to strengthen the minimalist impression that is simple and integrated with nature. For example the design of a fence that uses wooden fences as the basic instrument.

4. Fence Design with Decorative Elements

Fence Design with Decorative Elements

Not only does it provide privacy and safety advantages, the design of the fence can serve as a decorative element that gives an aesthetic appearance and focal point of a dwelling.

You can freely explore styles, shapes, and models to produce a special fence design . As in the design of the image of the fence, which does not produce a monotonous and boring impression.

5. Glass Fence Panel Design

Glass Fence Panel Design

This panel is made of glass or acrylic . Not infrequently, this fence design is used as an architectural accent that also spoil the eye. If you are inspired by this fence design, install panels with or without gaps so you can plan your desired privacy restrictions. Make a design scheme that reflects the color, texture and style of the panel you want.

6. Natural Stone Fence Design

Natural Stone Fence Design

Nowadays, the design of natural stone fence is increasingly in demand by various groups to create a cool, minimalist and natural present-day home. The design of the natural stone fence displays beauty compared to cement cement, more efficient and economical in terms of price because it does not require paint coating.

In terms of age, the design of a natural stone fence is also more durable and durable than other materials. Even the use of natural stone fences can be up to 20 or 30 years.

7. Fence Design that integrates with the entire building

Fence Design that integrates with the entire building

Not just an accent at a certain position, but the design of the fence that integrates with the entire building while emphasizing the minimalist style of the whole building that wants to carry the present concept.

By applying this fence design concept, it means that, from the very beginning of planning, the concept and minimalist style were very clear so that architects included the minimalist concept in the whole building.

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