Industrialist Vintage Interior Style

7 Ways to Realize Dream Vintage Interior Design

If you are confused about what to do with old furniture from the family, then the concept of vintage interior design can be a design theme that is right for you. Vintage interior style is synonymous with the use of items of the past – both furniture or decoration – in the concept of interior design of a dwelling.

Often, some of you have difficulty organizing these vintage items, confused about how to highlight the exoticism of the vintage furniture that you have. For that reason, we will give tips on how to present the concept of vintage interior design that is contemporary and remains relevant throughout the ages!

1. Create a Vintage Interior with a Classical Style

Vintage Interior with a Classical Style

You can also present dramatic or theatrical impressions on vintage interiors , by bringing luxurious classic elements into the room. Make the walls gray with a slight touch of natural color ( earthy tone ) as the background and golden decoration as a vintage interior decoration.

2. Vintage Interiors Can Also Look Modern!

vintage interior concept as Modern Vintage

An effective trick for creating contemporary vintage interior designs is to combine new items with vintage furniture. The stylists call this vintage interior concept as Modern Vintage. There are no specific rules on how you mix these two different styles, depending on the impression you want to display.

For example, contemporary leather sofas combined with vintage cabinets and chairs or installing rustic textured old cupboards in a minimalist kitchen model. Both are a combination of dynamic designs.

3. Industrialist Vintage Interior Style

Industrialist Vintage Interior Style

The rustic impression attached to vintage furniture can be attributed to the industrialist design theme. Rusty metal furniture such as shelves or factory lamps can be combined with modern solid swivel office chairs. The result is a vintage interior with a combination of colors and slick furniture texture.

4. Make Vintage Furniture As The Main Feature Of The Room

Vintage Furniture As The Main Feature

Don’t hesitate to make vintage furniture the center of attention in vintage interior design. Strengthen the characteristics of vintage design by placing this vintage furniture as the focal point of the room and making other items as supporters. As in the old school cabinet for this kitchen, exposed white brick gives the impression of a thicker vintage interior.

Vintage Furniture mix with modern furniture

So even in a vintage cupboard that has a drawer and dining table that is placed as the main feature in this dining room, the old vintage character blends with the color and design of a modern kitchen. A refreshing warm impression is also present in this vintage interior.

5. Wall lighting and decoration is also not important

wallpaper and lighting interior vintage

To impress the oldies shown increasingly strong, wallpaper or wall covering patterned you can use to turn on the style room interior vintage. This wall decoration is suitable combined with furniture that has a wooden element. Highlight lighting yellowish white color will make obsolete wood strokes became more exotic.

6. Vintage Interiors Also Need Color Balancing

color balancing Vintage  Interiors

The thing to remember in a vintage interior design is to present a composition of colors in the right scale. You can combine bright colors like Tosca with black and wood elements in a modern cabinet. Adding an artistic backdrop can also make a vintage interior look more aesthetic.

7. Combine Vintage Furniture with Modern Furniture

combine vintage furniture with modern furniture

If you want to create an instant impression of contrast in vintage interiors, you can combine vintage furniture with modern furniture directly. As with the vintage writing desk that has its functions by this modern style transparent plastic chair.

This is an easy and economical way to turn the old atmosphere of the room into a detailed vintage interior style. Apparently, furniture that comes from the past does have its own strengths. Combining it with various design styles can produce an attractive vintage interior design.

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