Flower vases in the kitchen

8 Inspirational Beautiful Room Decorations with Flower Vases

Even though the size is relatively small, the presence of a flower vase can actually provide a cheerful color and a different atmosphere to the room. In addition to their beautiful appearance, their sweet flowers and vases are decorative elements that are arguably quite flexible and not too expensive.

What’s more, flowers of any color will match and match if you install it in any room. Do not believe? We have collected some beautiful room decorations with flower vases that you can use as inspiration. Come on, have a look!

1.The flower vase in the living room is a sweet welcoming element

The flower vase in the living room

Placement of flower vases in the living room is not something new. The presence of a flower vase in this room can actually be a sweet welcome not only for invited guests but also for the residents of the house. Regardless of the color or type of flowers, the size and material of the vase are the main factors that must be considered.

Why? Because the living room is an area frequented by people from outside, the wrong selection and placement of flower vases can lead to breakage.

Yes, you might reason that you can be careful and familiar with the space, but not necessarily with the guest who was present, right? So, for this matter, Kania recommends buying a sturdy flower vase and placing it in an area that is difficult for small children to reach. The types of flowers that are most suitable to be placed in the living room are carnations and roses.

2.The flower vase in the living room gives a natural touch to the room

flower vasse for natural touch

A vase of fresh flowers can instantly give your family room a cheerful atmosphere. You can put a flower vase with a simple design on the TV table or sofa side to give a natural touch to the space.

If the size of your family room is quite large, displaying two or three flower vases with different designs and flowers is also okay. Remember, placement is a major factor that must be considered.

Because of the nature of flower vases, which are flexible, aka easy to mix and match, decorating a room with several flower vases is still relatively reasonable. After all, who doesn’t love a touch of green from cute houseplants and other pretty colors in the room?

3.The bedroom is even more beautiful with a beautiful vase of flowers

flower vase in the bedroom

The presence of a vase in the bedroom can also be an inspiration that you can realize. Place flowers in a pretty vase on your bedside table. Alternatively, you can also place a flower vase near the mirror or favorite dressing table in the room. Basically, flower vases are usually always suitable when placed in the corners of the room.

The presence of a vase in the bedroom can give a different mood to the room. Especially if your bedroom is equipped with windows, ornamental plants , or large mirrors. We are sure that the beautiful appearance of this vase will brighten up your days even more. Come on, try it!

4.The dining table and flower vase also make a great match

flower vase in the dining table

Want to put a flower vase on the dining table but are afraid it will look cramped? Don’t worry, you can choose a flower vase with a sleek design and a small size. You can also choose a flower vase with a glass material so that the room and table still feel light. Fresh flowers on the dining table with the right size can certainly sweeten your dining room.

If your dining table is a relatively large size, you can follow the placement of a vase like the one in the photo above. On the other hand, if the table is small, place a flower vase in one of the areas in the space. Because if you force it to put it on the dining table, the table will actually look full and messy.

5.Flower vases in the kitchen give a different color to your cooking room

Flower vases in the kitchen

Who says flower vases are not suitable for display in the kitchen? Having a flower vase in the kitchen can actually be an eye freshener when you cook. The length or duration of time you spend in the kitchen may be almost the same as the time you are in the living room or family. Therefore, the complementary details of this room decor should not be underestimated at all.

Choose a flower vase with a sturdy design with a size that is not too large. In addition, leaf ornamental plants can also be your choice. Place the vase in an area that is easily visible but not easily touched. Of course you don’t want your cooking activities to be troublesome because of a flower vase, right?

6.The floor flower vase is a sweet companion to the main staircase in your home

floor flower vase in the staircase

Another alternative to beautify a room with flowers is to install a floor vase. Floor vases can be a sweet companion if they are placed on both sides leading to or leading to the stairs. It would be great if there was a little sun shining on the vase. If you have the intention to buy a floor flower vase, choose a flower vase that is really sturdy and with a plain that is not slippery.

Even so, when viewed from the size that is quite large, floor flower vases are not suitable if they are installed in small houses or apartments. Because even though the size is large and easy to see, it is also possible that the flower vase will be kicked if we are not careful.

7.Display a vase of flowers on your desk or home-office to get rid of the clumsy atmosphere in the room

flower vase in work desk

Workspaces are usually close to feeling stiff and boring, especially if you ignore the details of the decoration. Now, to liven up a cheerful and fresh atmosphere in the workspace , a flower vase can be a sweet choice. No need to buy too big, a flower vase with a simple design can sweeten the room.

If by chance all you have is an office desk or work desk in the room, a mini flower vase can be placed in the corner of the table. Remember, don’t let the placement actually interfere with your work activities.

8.Suitable in all rooms, flower vases are cute to display in the bathroom

flower vase in the bathroom

Besides being displayed in the main room, flower vases are also suitable for display in the bathroom, you know. This also applies even if your bathroom is small. If you have more space in the bathroom, you can freely place a flower vase on the side of the sink, above the sitting closet , or in the bathtub.

But for those of you whose space is quite limited, a vase of sticky flowers (like the one in the picture above – red) can be an ideal alternative.

Well, now you believe that flowers of any color will not be a problem? Precisely the placement of the vase itself will determine the overall appearance of the room. If you are confused about where to get a beautiful flower vase like the inspiration earlier, you can find it at our online furniture store.


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