Pavilions for hosting banquets

8 Inspirational Dream Home Designs with Pavilions

The pavilion is a small house located near the main house building. In ancient times, pavilions were easily found in Dutch housing complexes and were used as residences for these domestic workers.

The small building that used to be the home of the workers has now changed functions. Generally, pavilions are found in houses that have large areas of land and function as workplaces, hobbies, or workshop spaces .

Interested in building a pavilion in the yard? Just take a look at the following design inspiration!

1. The pavilion near the beach

This pavilion near the beach is very simple in shape, only rectangular. This small, simple building is intended as a bedroom for guests visiting the house, so that the privacy of home owners and guests is well maintained. The cool thing is, the guests who stay here can enjoy the beach view!

2. Pavilions to do work or hobbies

Pavilions to do work

There are a number of jobs or hobbies that you can find more comfortable outside of your home, such as in a workshop, wood carving, or pottery. The work will make the house dirty and not good for other residents.

For those of you who have more land in the house area, make a pavilion to carry out these activities. The house will look tidier, cleaner, and you can concentrate more while doing activities.

3. Pavilions with glass walls

Pavilions with glass walls

This pavilion with greenhouse walls looks very chic , minimalist, as well as modern. Besides being able to be used as a place to relax, a small building that is separate from the main house can be used as a sunroom, aka a space for sunbathing after swimming in the pool . Because it is blocked by the glass, the sunlight will not feel so strong against the skin.

4. A hexagon pavilion for a classic home

hexagon pavilion for a classic home

Seeing the shape, you will be reminded of the charm of a European-style house , right? This hexagon-shaped pavilion painted in green looks beautiful in the middle of your yard. The minimalist white curtains make it feel good. This tiny building is suitable for entertaining guests or just for discussion between family members.

5. Pavilion connected to the main building

Pavilion connected to the main building

If the other pavilion building is usually separated from the main house building, this pavilion is actually connected to the main building. Thus, residents of the house can easily visit even though it is raining without having to leave the house first. The distance created between the two buildings makes the privacy of home owners and guests more protected.

6. Pavilions for hosting banquets

Pavilions for hosting banquets

Inviting large numbers of people to the house to attend a banquet would be a hassle for the householder. They have to tidy up the house so that it looks good to the guests. Some people also don’t like it when guests see the inside of their house because their personality can be revealed.

Using the pavilion which is equipped with an open kitchen and dining table to entertain large numbers of guests will be much easier.

7. Modern style pavilion

Modern style pavilion

As time goes by, architectural trends , and needs, the pavilion no longer has to be separated from the main building of the house. You can make it at the top of the main house building with different entry access. A pavilion like this is suitable for a house with two small families, for example, between brothers and sisters.

8. Pavilion as a food stall

Pavilion as a food stall

Having your own business such as restaurants or shops with attractive shop designs will be nice if the location is near your home. You can save travel costs and time. In addition, you don’t have to bother looking for new land to build shops again. It is perfect for those of you who are just starting a small business!

Regardless of what kind of pavilion design you will use, make sure you have determined the function of the pavilion. Whether for work, hobbies, or leisure. Happy building the pavilion!

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