Minimalist Mason Jar Garden Lights

8 The Most Unique Minimalist Garden Lights

Not that a minimalist concept home can not stand out. You can design the exterior of the house in such a way as to install minimalist garden lights so that it looks more attractive, as well as a source of lighting when you are active in the home garden.

In this article, we will share the inspiration of unique minimalist garden lights that will conjure up a modern minimalist home exterior appearance to be more attractive and different from other home views. What are they?

1.Minimalist Solar Garden Lights

Minimalist Solar Garden Lights

For those of you who want to save energy but still want to create maximum lighting in the yard, you can use minimalist solar lights like in the example. Futuristic and modern in style, this minimalist garden light allows you to save on electricity usage because there is solar panel technology that converts sunlight to electricity.

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2.Wooden Minimalist Garden Lights

Wooden Minimalist Garden Lights

Alternatively, you can use minimalist garden lights like in the picture to create a natural impression. The lamp with a lampshade in the form of a piece of wood is ready to give a natural impression in the park but still artistic and function optimally as a source of lighting.

3.Rustic Minimalist Garden Lights

Rustic Minimalist Garden Lights

If you want to create a rustic atmosphere at home, you can install rustic minimalist garden lights like this one. Carrying a vintage style , this one lamp model will add a warm and dramatic impression in the yard of the house because the lights are made to highlight.

4.Minimalist Pop-up Garden Lights

Minimalist Pop-up Garden Lights

For those of you who are easily bored, you can try the minimalist pop-up garden lights that will give an element of surprise when turned on. Can be applied in the garden or yard, you can choose the cactus model pop-up lighting that will emit cactus-shaped light. To make it look more natural, you can also combine the pop-up lights with the original cactus plants placed in a pot with a similar shape.

5.Minimalist Garden Light Paper

Minimalist Garden Light Paper

You can also make modifications by using paper that is made in such a way as a lamp shade. As in the picture, the yellow light on the lamp covered by a ball-shaped paper hood is so dramatic when mounted on a tree branch.

6.Minimalist Garden Light Fire

Minimalist Garden Light Fire

This minimalist garden lighting model is very easy to find in various lighting specialist shops. With light output that resembles a blaze, the atmosphere of the park will seem so natural and can add a warm impression when you invite all families to gather and do activities in the park.

7.Minimalist Mason Jar Garden Lights

Minimalist Mason Jar Garden Lights

You can also be creative in making minimalist garden lights using mason jar that is not used. Simply inserting a bulb or LED lamp with a battery into the mason jar , you can hang it using a rope or wire in the park to produce a dramatic atmosphere with a very economical budget.

8.Classic Minimalist Garden Lights

Classic Minimalist Garden Lights

Stylish classic but not excessive, minimalist garden lights on this one are ready to perfect the look of your garden to be more charming. Although carrying the classic Victorian style, but this one lamp is very suitable to be applied in various residential concepts because the design is fit with various building models.

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