8 Unique Bookshelf Designs, Who Likes to Read Must Have!

For book lovers, bookshelves are definitely a must in the house or room to store a number of their collections. Whether it’s small or large, the important thing is that books can be neat and undamaged. Now, are you a lover of books and have regular rectangular bookshelves? If so, maybe you will be amazed when you see the 8 unique bookshelf designs and are tempted to make them at home!

8 Unique Bookshelf Designs to Make Them at Home

1. Unique bookshelves under the stairs

unique bookshelf designs
Unique bookshelves under the stairs

The bottom of the stairs is often overlooked even though it can be used as storage space, one of which is a unique bookshelf. In order not to look cramped, make an open bookshelf like this. If the stairs are in the corner of the house, also make a unique bookshelf that follows the shape of the corner.

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2. Unique bookshelves as well as a secret door

unique bookshelf designs
Unique bookshelves as well as a secret door

As on the screen, it turns out in the real world there are also many homes that have a secret door. Usually this secret door is disguised as a bookshelf. Not bad to outwit a thief? Even if you don’t want to play the secrets, you can make this unique bookshelf together with the normal door to the bedroom or reading room.

3. Unique bookcase in the form of letter C

Unique bookcase in the form of letter C

The next unique bookshelf has a shape resembling the letter C. Maybe you think it’s impossible to put a book there because of its circular shape. But with a special bulkhead in large quantities, you can really put a book neatly without falling.

4. Unique bookshelves as well as chairs

Unique bookshelves as well as chairs

In addition to bookshelves, a book lover must also have a comfortable chair to read. Therefore, you must have this unique bookshelf and chair at the same time. It’s unique, also saves space. If you’ve finished reading one book, just put it on the side and then take the next book without having to move on. Save energy too!

5. Unique floating bookshelves

Unique floating bookshelves

Does this one unique bookshelf use magic to be seen floating? Certainly not. This unique bookshelf actually only uses trick tricks. At the bottom of the book there is an iron plate that is connected to the wall so that it can sustain the other books firmly. To make this unique bookshelf look perfect, be sure to hide the iron plate well.

6. Unique bookshelf tree shape

Unique bookshelf tree shape

If you have a wall area that is wide enough, it never hurts to try a unique bookshelf shaped like a tree like this. Make a lot of “branches” of trees. After that, place the book based on color or genre . Add small green plants or miniature birds to beautify this unique bookshelf.

7. Unique bookshelves from stacked cubes

Unique bookshelves from stacked cubes

Bookshelves from the cube are already mainstream. But this unique bookshelf is clearly different because the stack of cubes is about to fall. Unique bookshelf design like this is suitable to decorate dwellings with minimalist, modern minimalist, and contemporary interiors. If there are guests who come, surely they will be surprised when they see it.

8. Unique bookshelves as well as stairs

Unique bookshelves as well as stairs

Ever had a hard time getting a book on the top shelf? It’s annoying indeed. Instead of having to bother using a chair or ladder to pick it up, try making a unique bookshelf as well as a ladder like this in your home. If you want to take the book on the top shelf, you just have to go up. You want to read on the stairs. If necessary, add a mini slide to drop down in no time.

Well that is unique bookshelf designs to inspire you. Which one is your favorite? Give us commen below and if you like please share this post, thanks

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