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9 Home Renovations Designs With Limited Budget

Already bored with the atmosphere of the house now? Or the arrangement of your house is out of date? Have you ever thought that maybe your house needs to be reorganized? Maybe this is the right time for you to renovate the house. Unfortunately, renovating a house requires a lot of money, time and money.

But do not make it a barrier to realizing the dream dwelling through home renovations limited budget. With more creativity and effort, home renovations can be done even if you have limited funds.

Here are various design ideas for renovating your dream home with a limited budget.

1. Home Renovations: Back to Basic

back to basic home renovations

Sometimes there is no need to think about too many excessive design ideas when doing home renovations limited budget. To make it easier and cheaper, home renovation can be done by using or restoring the basic elements of the house.

Renovation of the house you can do by using basic colors such as white and also minimalist furniture or furniture without excessive detail. Not only makes the atmosphere of the house become newer, a common and enduring style certainly does not require you to renovate the house in the future.

2. Give a New Color When Renovating Houses

New Colors During Home Renovations  

The atmosphere of the house usually becomes less comfortable when the colors begin to wear out and make it easier. To make the atmosphere of the house more lively, in fact you do not have to always do a massive renovation of the house, you know. Re- paint each room whose color is no longer bright with the colors of other houses that are more contemporary.

Also pay attention to the colors of furniture when renovating a house. Make sure the new colors on the walls, floors, or ceilings match and match the colors of the existing furniture.

For maximum results, maximize lighting during home renovations limited budget by adding minimalist windows or changing window material. This good lighting will make the new colors from the renovation look more maximal.

3. Turn on the atmosphere through floral patterns

Home renovation Floral Pattern  

Do not have to replace all the furniture when renovating the house just to make the house feel like new. Simply do the finishing again on furniture such as sofas in the living room, your favorite table , or on the floor carpet with new finishing materials.

For a busier atmosphere in the room, you can start playing with patterns, such as using floral motifs that are trendy. The floral pattern will also make the interior of the room renovated much more alive. Having a chat after a house renovation will certainly be a lot more fun.

4. Enriched Material Design

Home Remodeling Material Design  

Feel something is still lacking in home renovations? Maybe you need to add visual space to your room with different materials. You can start by forming a statement wall or main wall with different materials. Natural stone or wall wallpaper can be an option.

The floor may initially only be ceramic, you can change it and combine it with vinyl or parquet floors which will give a much stronger visual impression. Also consider adding material elements through new furniture such as fur rugs on the floor, or glass and mirror elements on wall hangings. Remember, you don’t need to replace all the materials. To save costs, of course you can still maintain some material elements.

5. Change the lighting

Home Lighting Renovations  

If the atmosphere of the house feels bleak, maybe all you need to do when renovating a house is just to rearrange the lighting you have.

Combine the types of lights according to the needs and style of the room, from the chandelier , spotlight , to the reading lamp and decoration lights you must maximize. Also pay attention to the choice of light colors when renovating a house by adjusting it to the desired atmosphere of the room.

Make sure the position of these lights is also in accordance with its function, such as a chandelier in the middle of the main room and spotlight that will accentuate wall hangings or other room decorations.

6. Renovation of the All-White House

Renovation of the All White House  

Sometimes there is no need to overdo it when doing home renovations. One easy and inexpensive way to renovate a house is to apply white to the entire space, so that the furniture in the house becomes more prominent.

If the plain white color makes you feel the room or house is too plain, you can renovate the house by using other materials that have a dominant white color but are enriched with patterns or other motifs, such as carrara white marble or using textured white wallpaper.

The application of all-white house renovation is best suited for those of you who have narrow space problems or spaces with minimal light circulation, because renovation of the all-white house will give the impression of a wider and brighter room.

7. Material Exposure, Go Industrial

Industrial Home Renovations

Want to strengthen the image of the house through home renovations? Maybe exposing house materials can be one way. If you want to appear industrial, don’t hesitate to expose raw materials from your home such as exposed cement on the wall.

For example, by removing plaster walls and leaving brick walls an element of room renovation or utilizing concrete floors. Not only is it cheaper, home renovation using industrial style is one of the solutions to highlight your home design so it doesn’t look mainstream .

8. Back to Nature, Add Vegetation

Renovation of Plant Vegetation Houses  

Sometimes home renovations have a goal of refreshing the atmosphere of the house, so that activities within the house feel much more comfortable. Pay attention to the use and placement of plants when renovating houses. Believe not believe, the presence of vegetation or plants in the house can be a solution to make the home atmosphere much fresher.

In addition to placing plants in the house, take advantage of open space to unite the natural environment such as a garden outside the house with inside the house. So, when renovating a house, make sure the size and direction of the windows and other openings are in the right position and size is very important, you know!

9. Update Style When Renovating Houses through New Furniture

Home furniture renovation  

Of course many people do home renovations so that the housing owned is not out of date and can still follow the trends. Therefore, consider changing the style of furniture or room that you have when doing home renovations.

Look for references from the latest designs to make sure you successfully update your style when you are doing house renovations. In addition to the shape, pay attention to the material trends and the current colors to make home renovations remain in accordance with the times.

Have you thought about what kind of house renovation you need for your dream home? Remember that home renovations will go smoothly if you understand exactly what kind of design you want. This will prevent contractor confusion when starting to renovate.

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