Luxury Kitchen Design with Classic Marble Accents

9 Luxury Kitchen Designs Favorite World-Class Celebrities

The kitchen is one of the favorite spaces to design. Unfortunately, kitchen design requires a lot of money, so there are many people who make luxurious kitchen designs at home. Especially the luxury kitchen designs of world celebrities.

Are you curious about the luxury kitchen designs of world-class celebrities? Let’s take a peek at the following celebrity luxury kitchen designs!

1. Hillary Duff’s Hippie Luxury Kitchen Design

Hippie Luxury Kitchen Design

Having a more eccentric look, this kitchen design belonging to Disney actress Hillary Duff can be an option for those of you who want to have a unique and anti-mainstream kitchen design look . A game of combining bold colors and unique patterns is the key to presenting a kitchen design like this.

2. Ralph Lauren’s Minimalist Luxury Kitchen Design

Minimalist Luxury Kitchen Design

Ralph Lauren is a famous fashion designer. The luxurious design of the fashion brand that he owns can also be seen from the minimalist luxury kitchen design he has. Dominated by white, this luxury kitchen design gives a modern and elegant impression without excessive details. The white color in this kitchen also makes the decor elements in the room stand out more.

3. Anne Hathaway’s Modern Luxury Kitchen Design

Modern Luxury Kitchen Design

Equally white, Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway’s luxurious kitchen design in her Brooklyn apartment has a more modern feel. Combined with stainless steel kitchen furniture , this kitchen design is arguably more contemporary. The use of bar stools wrapped in white also looks very harmonious with the kitchen set and the overall kitchen design.

4. Luxury Kitchen Design with Classic Marble Accents Belongs to Britney Spears

Luxury Kitchen Design with Classic Marble Accents

Unlike the Pop Diva Britney Spears. The kitchen with the white nuances of this world singer gives the impression of a luxurious kitchen design which is more due to the use of white marble stone material . The placement of a crystal chandelier in the middle of the kitchen also adds to the luxury value of this kitchen.

5. Luxury Kitchen Design with Wood Nuance Owned by Oprah Winfrey

Luxury Kitchen Design with Wood Nuance

Oprah Winfrey is one of the public figures with the largest income in the world. No wonder he must have a luxurious kitchen design that deserves to be your design inspiration. Oprah’s luxury kitchen design which is located in her Mansion in Colorado has a unique ceiling model and is also synonymous with the use of wood which makes the room warm.

6. John Legend’s Classic Luxury Kitchen Design

Classic Luxury Kitchen Design

The luxury kitchen design of the celebrity couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen has an equally attractive appearance. With a size that is not large, this elegant kitchen which is dominated by an all-black house interior can still look elegant.

7.Kourtney Kardashian’s Two- Island Luxury Kitchen Design

Two Island Luxury Kitchen Design

One of the hallmarks of the luxury kitchen design of the Kardashian reality show star family is that they often use two islands in their home kitchen. You can also find this when visiting the kitchen of one of the family members, Kourtney Kardashian.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow’s luxurious and elegant kitchen design

luxurious and elegant kitchen design

Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress who also publishes a cooking book. From there, you must be curious about what the luxury kitchen design of this famous actress looks like. It has a clean kitchen in white tones with marble accents. With a minimalist design style, this kitchen still looks like a luxurious space.

9. Taylor Swift’s Country Style Luxury Kitchen Design

Country Style Luxury Kitchen Design
Cozinha de Taylor Swift é bem grande

Grammy-winning singer Taylor Swift debuts as one of the most accomplished young country musicians . You can feel the country concept from the kitchen of one of the penthouses he has. With a classic style and the use of wood materials and wooden floors, this young singer’s luxury kitchen design looks like a home kitchen in medieval America.

Those are the various luxury kitchen designs belonging to world celebrities that you can use as inspiration to realize the luxury kitchen designs of your dreams. Whose kitchen design do you like the most?

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