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Book Lovers, Let’s Create 7 Mini Library Designs at Home!

Having a dream home is certainly not complete without the presence of your favorite corner. For you book lovers who have a hobby of reading, presenting a mini library in your home is perhaps the most important element in your dream home.

Regardless of personal desires, presenting a reading room generally requires additional space. However, for those of you who have limited space in the home, no need to worry because you can apply the concept of a mini library that certainly does not take up much space.

Interested in presenting a mini library to perfect your dream home design? Take a peek first of the following inspirations to bring a comfortable and neat mini library designs at home.

1. Corner of the all-white minimalist room

mini library beside the stairs  

Mini library does not have to be in the form of a whole room. If you have a corner of an unused room, you can also turn it into a comfortable reading corner.

The white application on a bookshelf in a mini library designs gives a neat impression that fits a minimalist concept residence. Not only makes the room feel more spacious, the displayed books will look contrasting and add to the beauty of the room.

2. Turn one side of the room into a mini library

mini library with round armchair  

Not only the corner of the room, one side of the room can also be a mini library that is quite interesting as in the inspiration above. Take advantage of the floor lamp for additional lighting and place a comfortable sofa near a shelf full of books to make it easy to choose the book you want to read.

3. Take advantage of the space under the stairs

mini library under the stairs

Space under the stairs often becomes unused space. However, with creativity, this area can be transformed into a mini library complete with comfortable and attractive reading corners.

Cabinets under the wooden stairs in this mini library bring a natural impression to the home. The reading corner design that is placed near this window also utilizes natural lighting so that the reading session can be comfortable and the eyes do not get tired quickly.

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4. Add a comfortable sitting room

mini library with bookshelves with white armchair and stool

The mini library is definitely not complete without a comfortable sitting room. If you don’t have enough space to build a built-in reading corner like the previous inspiration, placing a soft chair like a soft armchair and stool can be a solution.

Simply place the mainstay sofa or chair close to a bookshelf in the mini library area of ​​your residence. If you want to save more space, take advantage of a soft thick carpet as a cushion to be able to read while sitting comfortably.

5. Take advantage of the walls of the empty stair area

mini library on the walls of the house stairs

Have you ever thought of maximizing space in the stairwell area? This mini library utilizes the stairs of the house as a location to display the collection of books of its inhabitants.

Certainly anti-mainstream, the wall shelves mounted on the walls of this mini library at the same time beautify the staircase area and provide additional functions to the previously empty wall space.

6. Maximize the attic of the house

attic house as a mini library

Speaking of utilizing the remaining space to create a mini library, the next alternative you can replace is the attic of the house. However, make sure the attic space is designed in such a way as to get good lighting and optimal air circulation so that the room remains comfortable.

7. Mezanin special reading corner

mezzanine floor as a mini library room at home

If you have a room of sufficient height, you will also be creative by building a mezzanine floor and turning it into a unique, attractive, and certainly comfortable mini library. You can also spend time relaxing while reading your books.

So many, no, how to create a mini library in the limited space in your house? The solution of the limited space is to arrange furniture and decorations in the house to create a mini library that is comfortable for you, book lovers.

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