Unique bedroom design with a plane theme

Channel Your Creativity with These 6 Unique Bedroom Designs Inspirations

Ideally, a bedroom should provide comfort for its users. However, for the creative, a unique bedroom design is needed in order to provide positive inspiration, given the amount of time spent in the bedroom.

Following this, We will share a unique bedroom design idea which is certainly very suitable for you who are creative and want to always get new inspiration while in the bedroom.

1.Unique bedroom design with a blackboard

Unique bedroom design with a blackboard

If you are confused about determining the right decoration elements for your room, this one unique bedroom design can be adopted. Although the overall look looks very minimalist, the addition of a blackboard allows you to continue to be creative while in the room.

Through a whiteboard decoration on this unique bedroom design, you can draw all the things you like, even make it easier for you to make an activity schedule update. Of course, creations that you make on the board can change the mood and appearance of the room so it is far from boring!

2.Unique bedroom design with sports facilities

Unique bedroom design with sports facilities

Busy activities make you rarely do sports? Now, you can exercise at home too. If the space in your room is roomy enough, you can adopt unique bedroom design with the addition of sports facilities as inspiration above.

In this unique bedroom design, you can see the wall climbing wall and punch box that can be used for sports. In addition, you can also add other sports facilities according to your interests, such as yoga mats, weight lifting equipment and golf mats.

Of course, this unique bedroom design is ready to keep you healthy because every morning you can exercise lightly without leaving the house!

3.Unique bedroom design with bookshelves

Unique bedroom design with bookshelves

Want to find inspiration while reading a book in the bedroom? Now, you can present a bookshelf like this unique bedroom design without having to make the room seem cramped.

As in the above inspiration, the use of a folding bed with a bookshelf area in this unique bedroom design is ready to make it easier for you to pick up and put the book you want to read without having to leave the room.

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4.Unique bedroom design with a plane theme

Unique bedroom design with a plane theme

Are you a lover of aviation world ? It’s time to get closer to your hobby by adopting a unique bedroom design like in the picture.

In this unique bedroom design, you can add various decorations related to airplanes to give a unique and futuristic feel. In addition to choosing decorations that are in accordance with the concept, the use of the right paint colors like blue will make you feel like you are in a plane with a beautiful sky view.

5.Unique bedroom design with murals

Unique bedroom design with murals

If you have a hobby of painting, you can also be creative in making mural paintings on the walls of your room as a permanent decoration with high artistic value. In this unique bedroom designs, you are free to make murals according to your wishes, but still adjust them to the model and color of the furniture so it looks harmonious and aesthetic.

6.Unique bedroom designs with DIY decor

Unique bedroom design with DIY decor

The next unique bedroom design inspiration is to decorate the room with the addition of decorations that you make yourself DIY. One example, you can make a variety of furniture such as beds and storage shelves using wood materials that are economical but can also make your room look more attractive.

So that it’s not boring, it’s time to change the look of the interior of the room by adopting various unique bedroom designs above. With a fresh look , suitable for hobbies and not monotonous, of course creative people like you will more easily get inspired when in the room. Good luck!

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