Industrial bedroom with a minimalist impression

5 Comfortable and Aesthetic Minimalist Bed Designs

Minimalist home interior design is still loved until now, especially with the monochrome color trends that are increasingly in demand. The house or building is designed in a new, modern and tasteful style. Similarly, the minimalist bed design that is currently also in demand to complete the bedroom.

This minimalist bed design can be used as a resting place with a warm feel and does not have the impression of suffocating or filling the room. Room owners can rest with a simple and minimalist interior. Besides the minimalist bed design also produces its own aesthetic value that will not be timeless.

For you who want to remodel your bedroom and are looking for inspiring dream bedrooms, take it easy, below we have prepared five minimalist bed designs that you can choose to complete your bedroom.

1. A simple, charming design with two monochrome hues

design with two monochrome hues

This minimalist bed design is indeed very identical with minimal style. The bed itself consists of a divan as a mattress base, but bedroom equipment such as blankets and pillowcases apply a monochrome color scheme to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

No need to bother choosing colors for fear of colliding, the monochrome color combination that complements this minimalist bed design seems simple and elegant even though it only relies on black, white, and gray. By only using color derivatives in a room, a clean and warm impression will be created.

2. Industrial bedroom with a minimalist impression

Industrial bedroom with a minimalist impression

Surely you can see how unique from this one bedroom. This minimalist bed design gives a touch of classic industrial style, complemented by unfinished cement walls that are left exposed.

The uniqueness of this minimalist bed design is located on a wooden couch that also becomes a side table. Natural wood texture in harmony with industrial design that carried the inspiration of the bedroom above.

3. Minimalist Zen-style bed design

Minimalist Zen-style bed design

Want to feel calm in the room? Maybe you can try a minimalist bed design with a touch of Zen typical of Japanese homes. The concept of Zen living is now starting to attract attention especially in busy big cities.

There is nothing wrong if you adopt Japanese values ‚Äč‚Äčthat prioritize peace and tranquility in your own bedroom. Minimalist bed designs are left plain white.

Wake up the mood with a combination of warm colors to be able to emit positive energy in the room. Choose soothing colors like beige, blue or turquoise.

In addition to a plain white minimalist bed design, optimize the bedroom for relaxation by adding ornamental plants to clean the air in the room or put aromatherapy so that me can get more time.

4. Minimalist style futuristic bed design

Minimalist style futuristic bed design

Primarily, minimalist bed designs are suitable to complement the majority of interior design styles, including futuristic designs. Basically, the futuristic style is identical with metallic elements and asymmetrical arches.

The bedroom is left empty with minimal decoration, while minimalist bed designs are left at the center of the room. Color selection also seems more simple because it only uses one main color, which is green.

5. Minimalist Scandinavian-style bed design

Minimalist Scandinavian-style bed design

Room design with Scandinavian interiors is also increasingly loved today. Holding firm the principles of design inspired by nature, the design of a minimalist bed with a wooden frame is also suitable to complete the bedroom like the inspiration above.

Bedrooms that apply Scandinavian design principles are clearly visible from furniture that prioritizes function, natural wood floors and large windows so that natural light from the sun can shine into the room. So that the minimalist bed design can be more in harmony with the overall space, give a touch of pastel or white color.

After seeing the five inspiring minimalist bed designs and comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bedrooms, are you interested in remodeling the bedroom interiors?

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