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Design 101: Get to know Contemporary Design and Architecture, Typical Today

For those of you who are looking for the best design for your home, there is always a theme or interior concept that is most suitable for your lifestyle and taste. Starting from the classic design, modern, industrialist, until contemporary which is currently becoming a trend. Everything can be the right choice for the comfort of your home interior.

Now, in this review we wants to give an explanation of contemporary design and architecture so that you don’t choose the wrong design for your home. Check out the review below!

Definition of Contemporary Design & Architecture

Contemporary design and architecture refers to a series of styling that developed since the mid-20th century, which is around 1901-2000. Contemporary features are dominated by softer and curved features, especially when compared to modern designs and architecture that tend to be streaky and straightforward.

Contemporary Design and Architecture

For contemporary interior design itself, there are neutral elements that appear balanced with bold colors. In general, the focus of contemporary design is on simple lines, shapes and forms.

Looking deeper into contemporary characteristics

Some ways to recognize features in contemporary design and architecture can be through observing their features. Recognizing contemporary characteristics can be directly seen from their application to various things, such as the use of contemporary designs below, ranging from colors, furniture, fabrics, lighting, to other designs. Come on, see one by one!

# 1. Color

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Contemporary interior colors often feature a tone-on-tone palette ie the use of the same color in different gradations, especially in colors such as brown, taupe or gray brown, cream, and pure white. Contemporary colors in interior design usually rarely appear in a single color, except as accents on walls, carpets, or artwork that intentionally appear attractive for decoration.

# 2. Furniture

Contemporary furniture

Contemporary features in furniture usually appear on smooth and neat surfaces. The use of carvings or details are generally rarely found in contemporary furniture. The choice of material in furniture is also more emphasized in light-colored wood material with a slight stroke or scratch, clear glass, stainless steel , nickel or chrome.

# 3. Fabric

Contemporary fabric

In terms of texture, play material or fabric material also appears in contemporary features that are usually in the form of natural materials. Among them are silk, wool, linen, and cotton in neutral colors. However, cheerful colors are also often used in geometric patterns that are present in decorative elements, such as sofa cushions or carpets to complement the room.

# 4. Lighting

contemporary lamp

For matters of lighting installations , contemporary lamp designs are often used as statement pieces that are all artistic. Floor and table lamps have straight lines and metallic finishes . Special colors like dark purple also often appear to complement contemporary designs. The use of planting lights can be presented in contemporary designs as part of certain accessories or art of home interior design .

# 5. Other Design Elements

In addition to the contemporary features mentioned above, pay attention to the use of semi-transparent or clear glass, metal and glass materials in contemporary design and architecture. To add a soft and warm homey feel to a contemporary design, it is often often present with large and dramatic green plants and flowers.

3 Reasons to Choose Contemporary Design & Architecture

Do you have any idea about contemporary design? So that you are more confident, let’s also read three reasons for choosing contemporary design and architecture for your home below!

Reason 1: Perfect Combined with Minimalist Design

contemporary bathroom

The contemporary design is perfect for you lovers of minimalist style. There is no need for complicated patterns or patterns, because contemporary designs emphasize the harmony between the elements without damaging the focus on the architectural elements of your room.

Reason 2: Practicality That Makes It Comfortable

Contemporary design and architecture

Not only has the beauty alone, contemporary design and architecture also presents practicality and comfort. The practical, unique, and unusual design makes contemporary design far from boring, so it always presents a comfortable atmosphere. Contemporary design and architecture are also often the subject of conversation, especially when it comes to decorating arrangements that can attract the attention of guests in your home.

Reason 3: Timeless & Classic

contemporary design

For home affairs, it is important to choose a design that is not easily out of date. Therefore, there is no reason not to choose contemporary design because contemporary design provides solutions in a classic but not outdated style. The luxurious simplicity of contemporary design will be very effective for a long period of time and easy to update regularly, so it is worth making a choice, it can even be a property investment.

Well, now you are familiar with contemporary design and architecture, right? If it is not possible to change the design and architecture of a house into a contemporary design, just add contemporary style furniture and decoration to your home.

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