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Hey guys and gals it’s a fella and today I’m going to show you some DIY Harry Potter room decor. so many of you guys love my DIY back-to-school supplies our Harry Potter inspired so I’m going to do some more Harry Potter stuff.

so without further ado let’s get into this video. for our first DIY we’re going to create the floating candles that you see illuminating Hogwarts. first off you’ll need a paper roll and I just painted my toilet paper roll white next I spread hot glue around the rim of the paper roll and then spread the hot glue downwards to create the melted wax effect then once a goose dried I simply painted it white next I just fitted a tea kettle into the top just to see if it would fit and then taking some thin cardboard traced the end of the roll and cut it out taking a circle I just stuffed it down the roll use my wand pencil and then this will just you know help the teakettle stay in place I then created another circle and painted that white and then spread hot glue all over the outer edges of the circle so that the boo it down to the end of the toilet roll and now just add your tea candle and you are done I know these aren’t flowing but because I didn’t have tea lights and I actually had to use candles I ain’t going to burn candles floating in the air but you can make them float just using clear string and you are good to go fan for our second DIY we’re going to create this unique marauders map inspired tray to hold all your Harry Potter fandom nests for this I took an old tray and painted white and then just print it out the template of the marauders map which I will link below then I just cut out the logo of the marauders map and taking some double-sided tape taped it down next I just wrote out the names of Moony Wormtail Padfoot and prongs that let me know which name is your favorite and I just simply arranged them around my tray until I was satisfied then taking some double-sided tape I just taped them down you can also glue them as well but tape is just you know easier and all about that lazy life then to really channel the more I created a little tiny footprints that Harry saw the map while he was hunting down Draco and to add just a little fun I wrote beneath the logo mischief managed because let’s be honest who wouldn’t like to sneak around and get on Snape’s nerves and now you’re done i jus want coasters books butter beer whatever to the tray I think it’s a nice addition to my room and I couldn’t be happier well actually I could be happier because the lumo sign is definitely my most favorite DIY so you’re going to need an old box and a pane of glass make sure your box fits a dimension of your glass in my case my box was just a little too big so I cut it down to size and glued on the fourth wall of the box next to

make the box look pretty I just painted

white we can use black blue orange

whatever you want then I took some LED

lights and just added them into my box

since my lights aren’t battery-operated

I traced around the wire and just cut

out a square so I could thread the

lights through and plug it into an

outlet and just a little note I just I’d

ended up cutting a bigger square because

the first was just a little too small

next I just took some clear tape and

tape down the lights so that they want

to move around if I move the box for the

next step you’re going to need white

tissue paper but because I had a nun I

just cut out a shopping bag and then I

just pasted a shopping bag over the box

and just glued it down next just take

your scissors and cut off the excess

paper I lost the footage for this but I

just glued all my glass paint on top and

then print it out the LUMO sign taking

some double-sided tape I taped down the

words and the beauty of double sided

tape is that I could fix the letters if

I made any mistake or rearrange them if

I didn’t like it

once you’ve taped down Lumos plug in the

lights and watch the magic I love this

DIY and I just think it pulls my room

together every Potter head needs to have

this light box if not you don’t belong

it how it works like no you can’t come

in Snape reward you off always always




after almost time


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