Open Vertical Kitchen Dish Rack

Here Are 5 Kitchen Rack Designs That Can Be Tried

Cooking is an activity that is done almost every day by housewives or you who like to cook. Of course, cooking tools and ingredients that are used quite a lot so that the existence of a kitchen rack is essential. With the kitchen rack, cooking tools and ingredients can be stored so that the kitchen looks cleaner, neat, and pleasing to the eye.

In addition to the function of the kitchen rack itself, one thing to note is the design of the kitchen rack. You can combine the two according to your taste. If you are confused about how to combine them, this article will provide five inspirations for kitchen rack designs that you can take into consideration.

1.Open Vertical Kitchen Dish Rack

Open Vertical Kitchen Dish Rack

If you have a lot of dishes, this type of kitchen rack can be your consideration. This rack offers a vertical and open plate storage function. You can take the plate more easily and not too high. On it, you can put tools or ingredients that you rarely use. Other options, put other room decorations such as paintings , photographs, small plants, or ceramic sculptures.

2.Kitchen Rack that can be moved

Kitchen Rack that can be moved

Unlike the others, this type of kitchen rack can be used for you who want to look neat but still want to have an open shelf. This shelf door can cover part of your kitchen shelf. If you want to take household appliances or other cooking tools, you can move the door.

The door to the rack is also visible so that the impression remains open attached. You can mix and match this type of rack by blending industrial and elegant designs. The wood that you use is brown wood and put white marble tiles in your kitchen area.

3.Kitchen Rack Near the Stove

Kitchen Rack Near the Stove

For those of you who really like to cook, you can try this type of kitchen rack. Close to an electric stove , you don’t need to spend a lot of energy to get cooking ingredients. Simply reach out, put enough ingredients into a pot or pan, and return it to its original place in a short time.

Even so, you must be diligent in cleaning the kitchen shelf area. Because near the stove , must have a lot of scattered dirt like oil or cooked food. This type of rack you can combine with a minimalist interior design.

4.Stove Between Kitchen Racks

Stove Between Kitchen Racks

So that the walls around your stove don’t look empty, you can put a wall shelf between your stove’s. The number of kitchen racks you can set yourself as you wish, the most important thing looks not too crowded.

But certainly, the design of this kitchen cabinet rack creates a balanced impression. Cooking activities also become more enjoy and calm. You can put anything, from cutlery, cooking tools, cooking ingredients, to decorating the room so that your kitchen does not look boring.

5.Adjustable Kitchen Rack

Adjustable Kitchen Rack

If you are among those who get bored quickly, you can use this type of kitchen rack designs. On the wall shelf area there are many holes that are useful for installing kitchen shelves. You can adjust the position according to your taste and can be replaced whenever you want. Keep in mind, you must be diligent in cleaning the holes from dust so as not to remove the original color of the wood.

Well, from the five kitchen rack designs above, which design did you choose? Whatever is chosen, you must be diligent in cleaning the kitchen shelf. No matter how good your shelves are, they won’t look good if you leave them dirty. Congratulations on choosing!

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