Smokey Wood ceramic floor

Here are the 7 Latest Floor Ceramic Colors for the 2022 Residential Trend!

Did you know that the appearance of floor tiles can affect the overall feel of a residential interior? Therefore, color selection must be done carefully. In addition to adjusting it to the interior design of the house , you can also choose it based on the latest floor tiles colors. Occupancy will also look more trendy and contemporary.

Well, below, we have a list of the latest floor tiles for the 2022 residential trend. For those of you who want to change the look of your home, just take a peek at the inspiration!


white floor ceramic

White is still the newest ceramic floor color for the 2022 residential trend. This color is timeless so it doesn’t need to be replaced in the short term to keep up with the trend. The white color is also suitable to be combined with any interior style, from minimalism, classic, Japanese , to futuristic. By applying this latest ceramic floor color, the residence will look cleaner and more spacious. No need to be afraid of getting dirty. White ceramic will be easy to clean because the surface is not porous.

Light brown

Light brown ceramic floor

The Japanese-style interior, which is synonymous with wood, is now being loved by young families. The latest light brown floor tile color can be an alternative to wooden floors. The color is the same, but the maintenance is easier. The color of this new floor tile is also neutral, so it can be easily combined with other colored furniture, such as a gray 3- seater sofa or a yellowish brown TV table above. The atmosphere of the residence will feel warmer.


yellow ceramic floor tiles

The latest floor tile color for the next 2022 residential trend is yellow. The impression is bright, like sunlight. There are many choices of attractive and anti-tacky yellow tones . These include pastel yellow, pale yellow, and mustard. You can also combine yellow ceramics with other colors or even patterned ones for a more dynamic look. For example, gray, black, white, and tile motifs.

Smokey Wood

Smokey Wood ceramic floor

Have you ever seen wood with a gray tint? That’s called smokey wood . The latest ceramic floor color for the 2022 residential trend offers a rustic , dramatic , edgy , and unique impression. Finding real wood with smokey wood colors can be very difficult. So, just use smokey wood colored ceramics . If necessary, choose ceramics that have a texture and fiber that resembles wood.


Sage ceramic floor

This sage-inspired color is basically a mix of gray and green. In 2021, this color has become a trend for various fashion products . Now is the time for sage to be the newest floor tile color for 2022 residences. The use of this color is suitable for Japanese and vintage -style residences . Combine it with white for a fresher impression in the house. Do not forget to adjust the furniture with matching colors.


Industrial-style interior trends are still popular in 2022. This interior is synonymous with walls and floors made of cement. For those of you who don’t like to use cement floors, the latest gray ceramic floor color can be the right solution.

The color of this latest floor ceramic is also equipped with a texture and thin fiber so that it is more similar to a cement floor. Uniquely, the color of gray floor tiles can also be applied to other residential styles, such as minimalist or modern.

White Marble

White Marble

There are many interior elements that make the dwelling look so luxurious. Including the floor tiles used. For luxury, the latest floor tile color to consider is white with marble hues. For marble floor patterns , there are many color choices. Starting from black, gray, brown, yellow, and red.

This is the list of the latest floor ceramic colors for the 2022 residential trend. Whatever your choice, take care of the ceramic by regularly cleaning it and not dragging heavy objects on it. Guaranteed residence will remain beautiful until the end of the year and trends change!


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